Color Crawl 1.0 Offers Mobile Gamers a Deceivingly Simple Challenge

[] Hyderabad, India – 9P Studio today is proud to announce the release and immediate availability of Color Crawl, their addictive new game for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android, and Windows mobile devices. Color Crawl offers players a deceivingly simple challenge, keep your colored ball on the same color wall, and avoid hitting obstacles. Controls are also simple, tap the screen to make the ball jump from one wall to the other. It all sounds simple, but once the ball gets rolling, the challenge really begins.

Color Crawl starts out at a leisurely pace in the easy levels, offering a chance for players to get used to the controls, and adapt to the game’s unusual style of play. However, things quickly begin to get hectic as the game’s pace picks up, obstacles begin to appear in the ball’s path, and the player collects stars along the way. Be sure to grab the stars, as they can be used to unlock additional levels to play with inside the game, as well as to continue a level from where they last left off.

“The entire 9P Studio team are fans of the popular ‘Color Switch’ game. We all had it on our devices, and we loved challenging each other to beat each our high scores. When we decided to create a new game, we were inspired by our experience with Color Switch,” says 9P Studio CEO Vikram Sethia. “But, instead of just creating a direct copy of an established game, we all sat down and figured out a way to put an exciting new spin on an established game. Color Crawl is the entertaining results of our labor.”

This game offers everyone an entertaining challenge, requiring them to hone both their hand/eye coordination and reflexes. Players must get into the correct rhythm and state of mind, or they are doomed to fail. While the game is challenging, it also addictive, and players will find themselves playing “just one more time!” (Over and over again.)

* Simple to learn ‘tap-to-move’ controls
* Challenges reflexes and hand/eye coordination
* Fast moving graphic action
* Driving soundtrack and pulsating game sounds
* Unlock multiple characters and new levels by collecting stars
* Continue a level by using collected stars
* Easy-to-follow tutorial level
* Game Center compatible

As the player’s ball continues along its way to the finish line, they’ll be faced with challenges such as spikes, stationary & moving barriers, buzzsaws, triangles, and other obstacles, each one requiring exact timing and skill to move past and advance to the finish line in order to complete the level. Players will also want to think ahead, so they can also pick up the bonus stars along the way that can be used to unlock playable characters and to start levels where they left off. 9P Studio also has a new game mode currently in development that is certain to offer an even tougher challenge for players.

In addition to Color Crawl’s challenging action, players will also find they are driven ever forward by the game’s pulsating soundtrack and game sounds. The game’s audio effects and energetic music sets the mood for the game, enhancing the fun factor of its already challenging gameplay and excitement. Players can also challenge their friends, as well as compare their high scores with other players, via the game’s handy Game Center feature.

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
* Requires iOS 6.0 and above
* 40.0 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Color Crawl 1.0 is free, and is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category. Players can turn off ads and buy more stars via convenient in-app purchases. An Android version is available through Google Play, and versions are also available for Windows PCs and Windows Phones.9P Studio
Color Crawl 1.0
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