College of Biblical Studies Selects BlackBeltHelp for 24×7 IT Help Desk and Financial Aid Support

The 24×7 help desk support will enable the college to provide timely and personalized resolution to the users’ support requests.

College of Biblical Studies will also leverage Simplify – an omnichannel and integrated platform by BlackBeltHelp to improve their user experience, and Chatbot to reduce the number of help desk interactions by providing faster resolution to end-users’ requests. The quick and accurate resolutions will enable the college’s expert staff to focus on more pressing concerns.

The college selected BlackBeltHelp for its ability to provide a secure and scalable support structure for their institution while also focusing on improving operational efficiency and streamlining costs.

Therefore, in the best interest of the time, this help desk has been implemented delineating the following benefits:

• 24×7 anytime, anywhere student support
• Increases the accuracy of answers
• Provides real-time insightful dashboards and tools to drive high-value decision making
• All interactions are recorded; reference to history with ease
• Expands service and increases efficiency
• Reduced operational costs

The sample scope of support includes (but not limited to):

1. General IT:
• Network Connectivity
• Productivity Applications
• Antivirus / Security Utilities
• Operating System Support
• Email
• Password Reset

2. LMS:
• Computer-related issues
• Basic Instructor Grade book issues
• How to submit a quiz
• How to post to a discussion thread
• Course navigation & finding grades
• Adding/Dropping courses

3. Financial Aid:
• What is the deadline to apply for financial aid?
• How often does the FAFSA need to be completed?
• How does the EFC affect my financial aid?
• Where can I check the status of my financial aid application?
• FAFSA denied me, Can I get a student loan?

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