Cocoatech Releases Path Finder 6.1.1 and 6.0.6

[] San Francisco, California – Cocoatech is pleased to announce Path Finder 6.1.1 and 6.0.6 for OS X, an update to their multiple award-winning file browser and management application. After great feedback from the initial Version 6 release, Cocoatech has even furthered Path Finder’s reputation as the best file managing application with the release of 6.1.1/6.0.6, fixing bugs and adding much-requested features. Built around a modular interface with different customizable views, the Utility app maintains all the conventions of the OS X Finder and Hierarchical File System, but allows the user to select both the layout and the amount of information displayed. Featuring a variety of useful tools and options, the app allows developers, writers, artists, and casual users alike to manage their files according to their own tastes, special needs, and workflows.

“A world-class operating system deserves a world-class file manager,” commented Steve Gehrman, Owner of Cocoatech and the Main Developer of Path Finder. “Users can dive into a familiar interface packed with uncommonly powerful features that make your file system sing with Path Finder 6.”

“We’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from users on Version 6, and with this update, it makes Path Finder run even smoother than before. It’s unparalleled to anything out there on the market” said Cocoatech’s Marketing and Sales Director, Danny Saad.

* Compiled for OS X 10.7 and higher
* Full screen mode
* Fixed Graphic card dependency/switching issue
* Graphics and icons updated for Retina display
* Drag and drop on tabs fixed
* Complete Norwegian localization
* Updated localizations
* Fixed many Mountain Lion related bugs and other issues
* Terminal window fixed for 10.8
* Spring loaded folders updated for column view
* Fixed audio autoplay feature in preview
* Removed obsolete iDisk features
* Many other improvements, performance enhancements and bugs fixes

* Graphics and icons for MacBook Pro with Retina Display
* Fixed Graphic Card dependency/switching
* Drag and drop on tabs
* Complete Norwegian localization
* Updated localizations
* Many other improvements, performance enhancements and bugs fixes

Feature Highlights (Displays):
* Modular interface – modular tool panes and drawers that can hold tools of your choice: preview files, access the terminal, view and change permissions, edit tags and ratings, and more
* Dual-pane Browser – view the contents of two folders side-by-side in one window
* Smart Sorting – sort by folders, packages, or files first
* File Tagging – leverage the power of OpenMeta to tag your files and share tags between apps
* File List Filtering – quickly filter a list of files by name, extension, or kind
* Quick Look & Cover Flow – preview files and display Cover Flow alongside any other view type
* Drop Stack – collect files together into a temporary holding place, then copy or move the collected files in a single step
* Archives – work with a variety of archive types including .zip, .gzip, .dmg, .sit, and more
* Tabs & Bookmarks – bring your web browser workflow into your file browser

Permitting thousands of different combinations, the Path Finder main window can be configured to display a maximum of five modules for browsing and managing files. There are more than 20 different modules in three different categories, which allow users to customize the kinds of file information they would like to have displayed. In addition, users can configure custom Toolbars, Contextual Menus, and Keyboard Shortcuts.

The default layout includes: the Sidebar (with optional Drop Stack), two Finder panes (identical windows, with or without Cover Flow display), and two Meta-Data panes. The Meta-Data panes may be set to display any two of the following: Attributes, Cover Flow, Git, Hex, Hex Editor, Info, iTunes Browser, Permissions, Preview, Processes, Recent Documents, Recent Folders, Selection Path, Shelf, Sidebar, Size, Spotlight, Subversion, Tags & Rating, and Terminal. Each Meta-Data pane displays information about the file or folder highlighted in either Finder pane.

Feature Highlights (Functions):
* ACL Editor – create and modify Access Control Lists, an advanced alternative to the standard Unix permissions in OS X
* Application Launcher – access your apps with the press of a key
* File Tagging – leverage the power of OpenMeta to tag your files and share tags between apps
* Integrated Terminal – embed a terminal window directly into your graphical file browser window
* Batch Renaming – apply filename changes to a group of files simultaneously
* Command Line Tools – execute common command line tools directly from the Path Finder GUI
* Text & Image Editors – create and edit text; crop and scale your images
* File Copy Queues – create queues for file operations
* Hex Editor, Git, and Subversion – advanced tools for developers in the Path Finder GUI
* File Operations Manager – Progress button displays pop-up display of ongoing file operations
* Find File – allows users to search using a wide variety of criteria

Language Support:
* U.S. English, German, Spanish, French, Finnish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Russian, Swedish, Portuguese, Norweigan and Chinese

System Requirements:
* 6.0.6 – Mac OS X 10.6 or higher (Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion)
* 6.1.1 – Mac OS X 10.7 or higher (Lion, Mountain Lion)

Pricing and Availability:
Path Finder 6 is available directly from the Cocoatech website for only $40.00 (USD). A free, fully functional, 30-day trial version is also available for download. Owners of Path Finder 5 may upgrade for only $20.00.Path Finder 6
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Headquartered in San Francisco, California, Cocoatech LLC is a privately funded software company founded in 2001 by Steve Gehrman. Steve has over 20 years as a software developer, and founded Cocoatech with the intention of bringing this experience to the Mac platform. He is aided and abetted by his wife, Miho. Customers will find no mondo-sized software teams or labyrinthine tech support process at Cocoatech – just smart, tasty programs and a friendly, human touch. Copyright 2008-2012 Cocoatech, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, and Finder are registered trademarks of Apple Computer in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.

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