Cocoatech Releases Huge Path Finder Update for Free – Version 6.2

[] San Francisco, California – Cocoatech has announced the release of Path Finder 6.2 for OS X, available as a free update to all licensed users. This update can be downloaded by clicking “Check for Updates” in the Path Finder menu. Version 6.2 is one of Cocoatech’s biggest free updates, packing a multitude of additions, functionality changes, and bug fixes.

“This iteration of Path Finder brings very requested features and improvements, as well as many fixes,” said Dragan Millic, Path Finder’s lead developer. “I’m particularly fond of the redesigned ‘Connect to Server’ window. Being able to set the default view type for new windows and tabs is also something I find very useful for myself, and I’m sure other users will as well.”

Danny Saad, Cocoatech’s Marketing and Sales Director, commented, “This update is one we spent a while working on. We spent a lot of time deliberating over specific things and topics, and in the end, everybody is really happy with the final result. It’s a really rich update with some awesome features that we can build upon, and its got all of us here at Cocoatech really excited for the future of Path Finder.”

New Features, Bug Fixes, and improvements for Version 6.2 on OS X 10.7 and 10.8:

* Fixed “Use separate preview panes for dual browser” setting for some modules
* Fixed tab dragging animation on Retina MacBook Pro
* Fixed item selection after “Reveal in Finder” action from other applications
* Fixed reserved key combinations in keyboard preferences
* Fixed the Bookmark Bar issue
* Fixed keyboard preferences for loaded plug-ins
* Fixed the positions of dragged items on the Desktop
* Fixed the desktop icon positions for new folder and new file
* Fixed selection of configured search locations in the Find window
* Fixed localization of items in the Sidebar
* Fixed blue desktop issue
* Fixed opening of some applications (they were previously opened as text files)
* Fixed some items in column view
* Fixed flicker when deleting items from network volumes
* Fixed label contextual menu item activation
* Fixed file size unit localization
* Fixed icon size slider for the icon view options
* Fixed slider behavior for icon view grid
* Fixed creation of aliases on the Desktop by holding cmd option while dragging Desktop items
* Fixed Desktop flicker when changing desktop view options
* Fixed Desktop flicker when switching graphics card
* Fixes to Default directories in module menu
* Able to set default view type for new windows and tabs
* “Applied to all” checkbox in name conflict dialog is hidden for the last copied/moved item
* Path Finder informs user that PowerPC binaries are not supported
* “Home” main menu improvements
* Extended support for preview of text-based files in the Preview module
* “Compare” action added in the Dual Pane mode
* File comparison-ready (user can choose own comparison tool)
* Initial Croatian localization
* Calculate all sizes in list view for network volumes
* Dragging files from the Dock into Path Finder desktop trash now trashes them
* Improved Batch Re-namer loading and window positioning
* One batch renaming session at a time
* Correct behavior of the WebDAV remotes in Favorites (previously opened in text editor)
* Redesigned “Connect to Server” panel
* StuffIt compression engine updated to the latest version
* Improved “All windows/This window only” view option behavior
* Folder file info (number of items) shown on non-HFS volumes
* Added “Last Opened” and “Added” dates in file info panels
* Added option to sort items by “Date Last Opened”
* Added confirmation for successful registration
* Added “Application” and “Item Info” sorting menu items for the view list options
* Other minor tweaks for improved stability

Language Support:
U.S. English, German, Spanish, French, Finnish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Russian, Swedish, Portuguese, Norweigan and Chinese

System Requirements:
* 6.2 – Mac OS X 10.7 and 10.8
* Users on Snow Leopard or below can visit Cocoatech’s website for a complete list of available versions.

Pricing and Availability:
Path Finder 6 is available as a direct download from Cocoatech’s website for $39.95 (USD). A free, fully functional, 30-day trial version is also available for download. Owners of Path Finder 5 may upgrade to Path Finder 6 for only $19.95.Cocoatech
Download Path Finder 6.2 (dmg)

Headquartered in San Francisco, California, Cocoatech LLC is a privately funded software company founded in 2001 by Steve Gehrman. Steve has over 20 years as a software developer, and founded Cocoatech with the intention of bringing this experience to the Mac platform. He is aided and abetted by his wife, Miho. Customers will find no mondo-sized software teams or labyrinthine tech support process at Cocoatech – just smart, awesome people with a friendly, human touch. Copyright 2013 Cocoatech, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, and Finder are registered trademarks of Apple Computer in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.

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