CloudlightFPV updated for DJI Phantom, Inspire1

[] Stuttgart, Germany – Indie Developer Kai Aras is proud to announce a major update for the CloudlightFPV App, a VR enabled first person view experience that puts the user into the cockpit of their drone. Available for iPhone today, CloudlightFPV combines VR and Drones to deliver a true first person piloting experience to anyone with DJI drone. Building on the success of the original CloudlightFPV App, the latest generation adds support for the popular Phantom 4 and Inspire 1 Pro from Chinese drone maker DJI.

With CloudlightFPV and a VR headset the pilot is able to see exactly what their drone sees which aside from being an incredible experience on its own, is a game-changing tool for filmmakers, researchers and industrial applications alike. Head-tracking senses the pilots head movements and translates them into camera movements in realtime allowing for an even greater level of immersion.

What’s more, with new motion smoothing algorithms added in v1.4, head-tracking becomes a valuable tool for filmmakers, allowing smooth and cinematic camera movements to be performed in a natural way. A full featured on-screen-display projects telemetry data, battery levels and warnings directly onto the live video stream giving the pilot a real-time status overview of their aircraft. Custom color themes make it possible to adapt the OSD to certain lighting conditions.

* First Person View (FPV) optimized for VR headsets
* On-Screen-Display (OSD) shows live telemetry data such as battery level, height or camera orientation
* Head-Tracking allows to user control the camera by turning or tilting their head (2 axis on Inspire1 only vertical axis on Phantom)
* Pilot FPV mode allows to instantly switch the video signal between the drones point of view and that of the pilot
* Remote Controller integration with customisable button mappings makes it possible to perform a number of actions right from the remote

Supported Platforms:
* DJI Phantom 3 (All Models)
* DJI Phantom 4
* DJI Inspire 1 (All Models)

Supported VRHeadsets:
* Zeiss VROne
* All Google Cardboard-style headsets

* A VR Headset
* One of the supported drones

Pricing and Availability:
CloudlightFPV for DJI Phantom & Inspire is available now from the US Apple AppStore for $14.99 USD each and priced similarly in other regions around the world.CloudlightFPV 1.4
Purchase and Download
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Press Kit (zip)

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