ClickInstall 5.0 Builds 64-Bit macOS Installer with Code Signing

[] Henderson, Nevada – ClickInstall makes it easy to create highly customized, professional installers for macOS computers. A good installer can reduce support cost and download time, simplify and customize the user experience, add security and make a great first impression.

ClickInstall 5.0 builds a 64-bit software installer that runs on any macOS 10.9 or later computer. Applications, libraries and the installer itself can be code signed during the build process using a certificate downloaded from an Apple Developer account.

Create a simple installer in 5 minutes. Set a few options, point to the Source folder holding the files you want to install to the Applications folder and click the Build button. ClickInstall makes it easy to create compressed, password-protected, self-extracting installers with basic computer skills. A user can double-click an installer on a CD, USB flash drive or from a download to start the install process.

ClickInstall supports user choice and option selections during the install process. Users can install the files and features they want or patch an existing installation with new or modified files. To reduce file size and download time, the install process can download optional features on demand. To customize the user experience, check minimum OS and RAM requirements before installing, present Pre and Post install notes or take the user to your online registration, tutorial or introduction video when the install process is finished.

A simple installer window is presented with custom logo, icon and background image. Include an optional web link, copyright notice, license agreement with required confirmation, help or release notes. An executable can run before installation to confirm system requirements or after installation to complete custom actions. The installer window title, buttons and other text seen by the user can be customized for any human language with Unicode text encoding.

An installer can create a desktop alias or shortcut to the installed application. Apply a custom icon to the installer or require a computer unique password. The vendor can generate a password for each user computer using ClickInstall or fully automate a Serial Number activation process with an online activation server. The Safe Activation service or the self-hosted WebActivation or Desktop License Server products support Serial Number activation.

ClickInstall has the ability to split a large setup file into multiple files or CDs. During the installation process the user is prompted to insert the next CD. Users with slow Internet access can download multiple smaller files, then double-click the Setup file for a seamless install.

Each record in ClickInstall holds the information needed to build a full or patch installer. Select a record and click to generate one installer or a batch of installers. ClickInstall can integrate many steps during the build process. Code sign files and the installer itself. Compress the Setup file and upload it directly to your website with builtin FTP features.

ClickInstall generates royalty-free installers for any number of products with a one-time licensing fee of $395. The product includes a PDF User Guide, short tutorial, downloadable trial edition and an online video demonstration.Excel Software
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