Class action suit against Mobclix possible

[] Morrisburg, Canada – Indie developer Jeff Sherk announces a group of indie developers that have not been payed by Mobclix are preparing for a class action suit against Mobclix.

Mobclix Inc ( is a mobile ad exchange network that was acquired by Velti (NASDAQ: VELT) in 2010, but apparently its keeping the money it makes to itself, and not paying the app developers that have been displaying ads in their mobile apps on behalf of Mobclix.

Mobclix Terms of Service (available on their website at clearly state that they will pay developers Net 90 from the end of each month for ad impressions and ad clicks displayed in theirs apps during that month.

There are already dozens of developers lining up for the class action suit, with over $100,000 claimed owing going back as far as early 2012.

Here are some comments posted by some of the developers facing this issue with Mobclix:

“They have never paid me anything, and they currently owe me over $2800 from May 2012 thru to Dec 2012, and I am also in touch with two other indie developers that are in a similar situation and are both owed over $2000 each.”

“They owe me over $17,000.”

“They owe me around $6,000.”

“I’ve been screwed about $22,000.”

“I am owed $14,000 just through the end of December.”

“I, too, have never been paid and I’m owed by Mobclix.”

“Mobclix owes us around $2200 from 2012. Very pissed off about how they are treating customers.”

“They owe us more than $10,000.”

“They owe me more than $4,000.”

“I’m owed about $7,000 by them.”

“They owe me about $1,300.00.”

“They owe me about $2,500.”

“They owe me $3000 now and still counting.”

You can also google “mobclix not paying” for other articles and posts about them not paying out as well.Mobclix class action suit possible
Mobclix allegedly not paying developers

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