Clandestine Development Releases LifeLine Response – iPhone and Android

[] Chicago, Illinois – Clandestine Development today announced that their app, LifeLine Response, is now available for the iPhone and Android. LifeLine Response is the next generation in personal mobile safety. The application provides unparalleled protection against unexpected events. With patent-pending IntelliTouch� technology, the application automatically notifies the LifeLine Response 24/7 Emergency Response Center and sounds an alarm when your finger is removed from the phone’s screen. All data is transmitted to servers in real-time in the event that the phone breaks during an assault. Trained emergency response professionals will assess your situation, see your real-time GPS location, and notify local 911 authorities.

Designated LifeLine contacts such as friends, family, and co-workers are also given your real-time location. No matter where your LifeLines are geographically, they will have the phone number of the closest 911 dispatch center to where you are located.

“We saw a void in the marketplace for a serious personal safety application; I designed this app specifically to prevent violent crimes and sexual assaults” said Peter Cahill, founder of Clandestine Development. “When people find themselves in crisis situations where they often cannot think clearly, LifeLine Response takes human error out of the equation by automatically initiating a Distress Alert.”

“I’m extremely pleased with LifeLine Response. We built this application to become the foremost leader in personal mobile safety,” said Mark Chrisman, CEO of Clandestine Development. “We integrated the same local 911 database that federal law authorities use so that friends and family are empowered to help their loved ones.” The app also features a timer mode, a silent alarm, an acoustically engineered alarm, and real-time GPS tracking.

In recognition of National Campus Safety Awareness Month, LifeLine Response is now available at the limited-time promotional price of $1.99 for a 45 day subscription and $21.99 for an annual subscription. LifeLine Response is available in the United States from Apple’s App Store and Google Play, or by visiting:

Please visit for more information about the product, including videos and screenshots.Clandestine Development
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Clandestine Development, LLC was formed in 2011 to develop unique technology investment opportunities with mass market potential. The Clandestine Development executive team collectively has over 100 years of business and technology experience. Clandestine Development has leveraged this experience to redefine the personal safety market. LifeLine Response is the first commercial grade personal safety application with proactive monitoring and distress alert technology. For more information about LifeLine Response, please visit our website.

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