Cisdem Duplicate Finder 5.0.0 Adds New Preset Rule for File Selections

[] Madelia, Minnesota – Cisdem releases version 5.0.0 of Duplicate Finder for Mac. It adds a new preset rule that allows you to select duplicates for removal from the prioritized location (the larger the value, the higher the priority to delete).

Cisdem Duplicate Finder specializes in finding out and cleaning up the duplicate photos, songs, videos, archives, packages, etc. as well as similar images. It scans your Photos, iTunes (now called Music on macOS Catalina), Mac hard drive, external drives like HD, SSD, and SD card. The software uses the MD5 value checksum algorithm to accurately detect duplicate files by type, name, count, and size.

In fact, V5.0.0 has undergone some other optimizations. “Users no longer have to worry about the issues of excessive memory when scanning images and not finishing for a long time when scanning Photos and Music”, said Edward Riley, the project manager of Cisdem. “The new update greatly improves its performance, which makes it a more professional duplicates removing software.”

What’s New in Version 5.0.0?
* Add support for remove duplicates from prioritized location
* Refined the issue when scanning for duplicate photos
* Refined the capability to find duplicates in Music on macOS Catalina
* Greatly improved duplicate photo scanning capability
* Improved similar image finding capability
* Fixed some minor bugs

Main Functions:

1. Find duplicates in different types
It weeds out not just redundant files but also repeating songs, photos, audios, videos, docs, archives, packages, etc. The scanned files can be any formats.

2. Detect similar photos
It uses an intelligent algorithm to detect similar images that are not exact copies but are almost identical in many parameters.

3. Scan external storage devices/internal hard drive
Besides internal hard drive on Mac, it can also scan external storage devices, such as SSD, HD, memory card, USB flash drive and so forth.

4. Remove duplicates from Photos & iTunes (Music)
The program assists users to bring all duplicates out of depths from Photos, iPhoto, iTunes (Music), Aperture, etc.

5. Multiple options for scanning, removal, and filtering
There are two scan methods (File Content, File Name) and three removal methods (Move to Trash, Remove Permanently, Move to Folder). Users can choose file size range to scan or skip files with particular extensions.

6. Preview
Before deleting unwanted files, you can preview all the deleted files in three modes for easy comparing.

7. Final Deletion
It comes with four selections: Smart Select, Select by Priority, Select Newest, Select Oldest. Choose one for auto-selecting duplicates and click on “Delete”.

Pricing and Availability
Cisdem Duplicate Finder for Mac 5.0.0 is priced at $29.99/lifetime license and free upgrade to the new version, both application requires Mac OS X 10.10 or higher. For more details, please visit the Cisdem website.Cisdem
Cisdem Duplicate Finder 5.0.0
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