Cisdem AppCrypt for Mac 4.6.1 Refines Reminders on Camera Authorization

[] Madelia, Minnesota – Cisdem AppCrypt for Mac has been upgraded to 4.6.1 with refined reminders on camera authorization. AppCrypt is an app locker and website blocker for Mac. It can lock one or multiple or all apps on Mac with one password. If someone who tries to open locked app enters a wrong password, AppCrypt will generate a report of the failed attempt and take a picture of the person. In the app’s Preferences, users can disable or enable the picture taking functionality.

“You can use AppCrypt to easily lock apps and block websites,” said Edward Riley, Cisdem’s project manager. “It can help you protect privacy, block distractions and improve productivity. Its Schedule feature allows users to block or unblock apps during certain hours. The website blocking feature lets users blacklist or whitelist websites on Mac, individually or in batch. The latest version (4.6.1) refined the reminders on camera authorization and improved user experience. It’s completely free to update to the new version!”

What’s New in Version 4.6.1?
* Refined the reminders on camera authorization.

Main Functions of Cisdem AppCrypt
* Lock apps on Mac – AppCrypt can be used to lock any apps on a Mac, including the apps already included on macOS and the third-party apps a user has installed. One can lock one specific app or multiple apps.

* Lock or unlock apps during certain hours – With the Schedule feature, users can set the app to unlock the locked apps at certain time of the day or day of the week.

* Provide a report of failed attempts to access locked apps – To unblock a locked app, or remove an app from the lock list, or quit AppCrypt, one needs to enter the right password. If someone enters a wrong password, the locked app will refuse to open. In addition, AppCrypt will record the failed attempt with date, time and photo.

* Block any website on Mac – This app locker and website blocker also block access to websites. The blocking feature applies to Safari and other websites on Mac such as Google Chrome and Firefox.

* The Blacklist and Whitelist features – Users can add block one or multiple websites by adding them to the app’s Blacklist. It’s also possible to block websites by only using the Whitelist feature. This way, only the websites on the whitelist are accessible.

Price and Availability
Cisdem AppCrypt for Mac is available for download and purchase at the Cisdem AppCrypt for Mac website. Users can get a lifetime license with $29.99 and enjoy lifetime free upgrades. A free trial is also available for download at the Cisdem AppCrypt for Mac website.Cisdem
Cisdem AppCrypt for Mac
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