Chtrbox and IZEA announces a strategic partnerships to form Influence+ United

The partnership comes at a time when there is a huge spike in the demand for an internationally integrated Influencer marketing strategy. The alliance comes as a new step towards building a strong partnership to form a global influencer marketing strategy for businesses around the world.

Considering language barriers, local cultural nuances, international concepts, integrated strategy, and investment as a huge barrier for international marketing campaigns, our Influence+ United alliance aims to address these challenges and streamline the entire journey. Our partnership will serve international brands to execute a unified influencer marketing campaign with trusted and renowned industry stalwarts who holds a good local presence and is also a reputed international figure in the industry.

The strategic partnerships between Chtrbox and IZEA will help address industry-specific challenges experienced by brands for executing international marketing campaigns. Both companies will work together to provide a full suite of proven technology services and expertise of Influencer marketing strategy to help clients achieve their business goals. With a cohesive and innovative, both the companies shall together provide end-to-end solutions, empowering businesses to promote their business and streamline their marketing strategy’s effectiveness.

About Chtrbox
Chtrbox is India’s leading influencer marketing platform that connects brands to social media influencers for promoting businesses and sharing great stories of brands. The agency helps the brand connect with industry-leading influencers to create great connections, brand stories, and grow businesses online. We create a perfect platform for both brands and industry influencers to connect and work in collaboration for executing impeccable digital marketing campaigns online. We can proudly claim to be an agency that builds a network, creates engagement, and drives sales for businesses.

About IZEA Worldwide Inc.
IZEA is a foremost technology platform that connects brands with top industry influencers. It is a technology-driven influencer marketing company that helps brands with their business promotions and marketing. They are the first of their kind technology-driven Influencer Company that created a platform to pay bloggers to create content for brands. Currently, they are a NASDAQ traded company serving the world’s top Marketers and Creators.

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