Chicken Dynamo – Fast Flying Game Now Free for iPhone and iPad

[] San Mateo, California – Family-friendly independent game developer Selectsoft is pleased to announce the release of a new free version of Chicken Dynamo 1.2 for iPhone and iPad. An addictive “tilt and fly” game, Chicken Dynamo features no-tap controls for a smooth, fast style of play. Already available in an ad-free paid version, this new free edition of Chicken Dynamo lets players download and try the unique “touchless” flying controls with a full, no-cost, ad-supported version of the game.

Gently tilt the phone or tablet to steer Ace Dynamo, a flying chicken looking to soar as far as possible while avoiding airborne enemies. Players guide Ace as he flies through the sky, snagging gold coins and dodging wacky obstacles like fans and meteors. If he collides with something, he’ll explode in a colorful burst of floating feathers. Unlike other distance and flight apps, Chicken Dynamo is controlled entirely by the accelerometer, which means users don’t have to touch the screen to play. The simple controls make the game easy to understand and pick up, but it takes a steady hand and some practice to become a flying ace. Without quick reflexes, Ace may slam into bug zappers, propellers, airplanes and more as he speeds on his quest to collect coins and cover the miles.

The game also features unusual “screen wrap” effects. If a player quickly dives off the bottom of the screen, Ace “wraps” instantly to the top of the screen. It’s another level of strategy that is easy to understand and use, but addictively hard to master. While inviting comparisons to such so-called “distance” games as Tiny Wings and “side-scrollers” such as Temple Run and Jetpack Joyride, Chicken Dynamo offers a unique kind of precision accelerometer control for a genreless combination of arcade action and pure flight. Using accelerometer-only controls brings an intuitive sense of flow to what would otherwise be just an exciting arcade game. Plus, warm, hand-drawn art pulls players into the kooky and colorful world of Ace Dynamo. With its combination of smooth controls, friendly art and fun sound effects, Chicken Dynamo provides an entertaining and immersive game experience for all ages.

Chicken Dynamo is part of Selectsoft’s exploding line of casual games for iOS and Android, including top 100 iPhone game Castle Clout, top 100 iPhone puzzle game Super Swap!, top 100 iPad adventure game Time Chronicles: The Missing Mona Lisa HD, and top 100 iPhone card game Solitaire Spin.

About Chicken Dynamo:
All Ace Dynamo wants to do is soar through the sky and not get creamed by floating meteors and spinning fans. Help this crazy chicken realize his simple dream! Just tilt the phone to make Ace speed through kooky obstacles, collect coins and go the distance.

Enjoy addictive action and no-touch flying controls as Ace dodges planes, satellites and pesky heat-seeking missiles. Make fast tilts and turns and the accelerometer will respond instantly. As Ace racks up coins and miles, players can compete against friends with Game Center to see who can get the highest score and most achievements!

Hold the phone like a steering wheel and gently tilt to send Ace soaring around obstacles and towards coins. Make a quick escape with a sharp dive off the bottom of the screen to pop Ace instantly around to the top of the screen. Reverse the move to send Ace from the top to bottom in the blink of an eye. Talk about fancy flying!

Feature Highlights:
* Totally fun, unique gameplay
* Smooth, fast and incredibly awesome tilt controls – no need to tap, swipe or touch!
* Game Center achievements and leaderboards let players compare scores with friends
* Eight crazy obstacles: meteor, fan, satellite, ladder, propeller, bug zapper, airplane and missile
* Collect coins to boost the score
* Blow up missiles to earn extra points, but don’t get hit!
* See how far Ace can get without crashing

Device Requirements:
* iPhone 3GS/4/4S/5, iPod touch (3rd/4th/5th generation), and iPad
* Requires iOS 5.0 or later
* 13.8 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Chicken Dynamo Free 1.2 and Chicken Dynamo HD Free 1.1 are free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.Selectsoft
Chicken Dynamo Free 1.2
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