Cheery Network Mobile App Counteracts Cyber Bullying

[] Patchogue, New York – Cheery, an app with a cheery demeanor is here on iTunes just at the right time to promote positivity in your life. With the rise of social media and 24-hour news, there is a lot more negativity in the world. People post negative, hateful, or hurtful content and comments. Why do they do it? Attention is one reason, which is very common for people who feel no one listens to them in real life. Other reasons include wanting to fight, disagree, stir-the-pot or just being unproductive and bored.

“Negativity on social media can greatly affect your life and the way you feel. The new social app Cheery, which aims to promote all things positive was developed to mitigate the negativity that is all consuming in the media today and provide an outlet for people to share and receive positive words and images,” says Sharon Sexton-Braun co founder of the Cheery app.

What is Cheery?
The philosophy behind this app is to solve the problem of negativity that has arisen on all of our social networks. This social networking platform will mitigate negativity and focus only on positive postings. Users can enjoy the fun of adding positive and encouraging words, posts and comments to the app. They can gain levels and share posts with friends and family to help fuel the Cheery Movement. Finally, they can report negativity and flag bad posts to help keep the community itself cheerful and happy.

The Power of Positive:
Sadly it is a fact that it is much easier to be negative than positive. Life is usually challenging and can be downright tough for some people. But, the power of positive is an amazing thing and there are quite a few great reasons why having a positive attitude and outlook on life is beneficial:

* Motivation – Positive thinking is a key to motivation and our overall productivity for work, chores or even fun activities. You get more done when you are in a good mood.

* Happiness – Thinking positive or having cheerful thoughts will help keep you happy. While sadness, frustration and anger all have a place in our life, overall being optimistic and happy is the way to go.

* Health – Research has shown us that a positive and happy attitude strengthens our immune system while negativity weakens it. Worry, stress and negativity are things that can and will make people less healthy over time.

* Self Esteem – Positive people tend to believe in themselves more which leads to increased self-confidence, self-esteem and ultimately success. It is like a ball rolling down a hill; once you get it going it just keeps rolling.

* Attracts Positive Things – Good things happen to good people is a popular saying but you can also say good things happen to positive people because they are open to them. When you walk through the world with your head up you are less likely to miss opportunities compared to the person looking down at the ground.

* Increased Social Activity – People naturally gravitate towards positive, happy people and tend to avoid negative people. Cheerful people tend to light up a room, make more friends and have bigger, more supportive social networks.

The bottom line is that a cheerful, positive outlook on life is much better than a negative one. For some people, being upbeat is natural but for many of us it takes gentle reminders, inspiration and support

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
* Requires iOS 8.2 or later
* 15.5 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Cheery Network 0.9.18 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Lifestyle category.Lounge Lizard Worldwide
Cheery Network 0.9.18
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