Caviar E-commerce Portal launched for 5 Region of the world

Matrix Brick’s promise of superior service delivery has been unquestionable as they have risen up the ladder with a team of highly qualified IT professionals that use smart technology. Credited to be the best in complete creative digital marketing, developing Gourmet House’s website is a feat in its own right. Essentially, a food & beverages company based out of United Arab Emirates, the Gourmet House boasts of the most expensive and luxurious sea food. With fine delicacies like caviar, salmon, truffles, saffron, caviar butter blinis, and crème fraiche to name a few, the Gourmet House has a wide range of branches in other locations of the world. With locations such as Europe, USA, HongKong, Dubai and the United Kingdom, it well known for its high quality Caviar, Salmon and Saffron as its top sellers.

Since Gourmet House caters to a number of locations around the globe, Matrix Bricks has added the functionality of detecting the location of the buyer visiting the website; thereby displaying a variety of products available in their region. The company insists that using advanced technology-driven solutions that cater precisely to the needs of the Gourmet House will enable its patrons to choose their piece of luxury with minimalistic efforts.

Designing the E-Commerce website for the Gourmet House is an exciting venture for Matrix Brick’s with a platter of luxurious products inclusive of a range of caviar oil, wild salmon caviar, green wasabi tobiko with appropriately salivating accessories and exclusive gifting options. For serious buyers, Matrix Bricks’ has begun work in designing & developing the brand and will be a delightful treat as they are spoilt for variety.

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