CatHide, a Cross-Platform Mobile Development Tool, Enters Open Beta

[] Smithfield, Virginia – Imperial Penguin has announced that its cross-platform mobile development tool, CatHide, has entered open beta. The tool allows developers to create mobile games for iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, Nook tablets, WebOS, and Blackberry Playbooks with a single codebase.

CatHide is a tool for mobile development that is based on a modified version of the popular Cocos2d-x library which has been used by successful game development companies to create top charting hits. Cocos2d-x users normally have to build their apps in the various platform specific development tools. CatHide provides a unified development tool that allows developers to write their code once and deploy to six mobile stores across four mobile operating systems with the click of a button.

CatHide’s modifications to Cocos2d-x make it easier to create cross-platform software with the library. In CatHide, all apps use the same coordinate scale regardless of the resolution of the device. Image bleed allows for support of multiple aspect ratios with one set of graphics assets. A tutorial is available that makes it easy for beginners and experienced Cocos2d-x developers alike to learn their way around CatHide’s modifications.

Also included in the software is CatHideSim, a built-in simulator that makes testing apps on various aspect ratios fast and easy. CatHideSim also features screenshot capabilities to ease the process of getting the assets needed to bring an app to market. A full list of features is available online.

Pricing and Availability:
The software has entered open beta so anyone can download and try it for free. The beta also serves as a trial of the full version and will expire in 30 days. During the beta period, the full version will be available for the discounted price of only $29.99 (USD). After the 1.0 release of the software, the price will rise to $49.95.CatHide
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