Calories 3.3 released: VitaDock-Devices by Medisana are now supported

[] Herdecke, Germany – A free update for Calories to version 3.3 is now available from the danholt website and the Mac App Store. Calories 3.3 now includes the much desired import for data from the VitaDock App. The VitaDock line by Medisana offers diverse devices that allow you to measure your body data directly from your iPhone, iPod, iPad and similar products, such as the CardioDock for glucose measurements and the TargetScale for weight and body analysis. If you use these devices you can now import and track their gathered data directly into Calories 3.

All you need to do is go to the Calories settings to allow the app to access the data. After doing this all your weight, body analysis blood pressure and glucose data will be directly imported into the Calories 3 statistics. This ensures that Calories is always up to date and you are always aware of your physical fitness. The update to Calories 3.3 allows the import of data from the following devices:

* Medisana TargetScale – Body weight, fat, water, bone, muscle analysis
* Medisana CardioDock – Blood pressure and heart rate
* Medisana GlucoDOck – glucose

Calories 3 additionally supports the import of data from the following products:
* Withings Wireless Body scale
* Withings Blood Pressure Monitor
* Fitbit Aria Wireless Body scale
* Fitbit Ultra Fitness Tracker
* Fitbit One Fitness Tracker
* Fitbit Zip Fitness Tracker

BodyMedia Armband:
These devices may be used in any combination. Calories 3 synchronizes these devices’ data, sets it into relation with the consumed food and displays it all in a clear graphic interface. The Cal2Go iPhone client’s central sync-function allows you to synchronize all your data with just one click: Simply press the sync-button – Done!

Calories on the Mac Appstore:
The predecessor Calories 2 is available free of charge on the Mac App Store. Version 2 was last updated to version 2.9.1, which was a technical update and will no longer be gaining any new features. Calories 3 is available from the Mac App Store for a mere $9.99 USD. The iPhone client for Calories 3 including the sync-function – Cal2Go 3.1, is available from the iTunes Appstore for $1.99 USD. The updates for Calories 3 and Cal2Go are free of charge.

Calories on
Users of Calories 2 can purchase an upgrade to Calories 3 for $9.99 (USD). A demo version of Calories 3, which will run for 30 days can be downloaded from danholt free of charge. All devices by VitaDock, WiThings and Fitbit can be purchased online from danholt at a low price. Orders will be shipped within 24 hours.Calories 3
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Located in Herdecke, Germany, danholt4mac is a privately held company founded in 2001 by Daniel Holtwiesche. Leveraging their longtime experience in third party development and localization, danholt Consulting Services is a premier solutions provider utilizing the most modern techniques for the Mac platform. Copyright (C) 2013 danholt. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod, and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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