Calories 3.2 supports Fitbit, iPhone App Cal2Go 3.0 released

[] Herdecke, Germany – An update for Calories 3.2 is now available from danholt4mac and the Mac Appstore. Calories 3.2 can now fetch data from the popular Fitbit fitness tracking devices Fitbit Ultra Fitnesstracker and the all new Fitbit Zip. This means that Fitbit users need only authorize Calories to access their Fitbit data. From then on, any data tracked by a Fitbit device will be imported into Calories 3. This happens in real time, meaning that the user is always kept up to date, concerning his energy balance. Whoever uses the Fitbit Wireless Aria Personal Scale can now also import his weight data into Calories 3.2 automatically. So now Calories 3.2 can import data from the following devices:

* BodyMedia Fit Armband
* Withings Wireless Personal Scale
* Withings Blood Pressure Monitor
* Fitbit Aria Wireless Personal Scales
* Fitbit Ultra Fitness Tracker
* Fitbit Zip Fitness Tracker

Thanks to a new, central sync-service all devices running Calories 3.2 or Cal2Go 3.0 will be synchronized at the push of one button. Overview of all the new features of Calories 3.2:

* Now supports Fitbit Fitness Trackers and Fitbit Aria Personal Scale
* One click synchronization of all your devices
* The activity panel now supports Fitbit and BodyMedia activity trackers in addition to manual tracking
* Spanish help files added
* Optimized for Retina Displays
* The calculation of burned calories for future days is now based on the average value of past days, allowing you to plan your meals ahead more efficiently

In addition to updating Calories 3 we have also entirely redesigned the iPhone App Cal2Go. The interface has been updated, making it a lot easier and quicker to use. You can enable Cal2Go to access your data with just a few clicks. Cal2Go also introduces the new, centralized Sync service. While introducing all these new features, we have decided to drastically lower Cal2Go’s price point – $1.99 instead of $3.99.

Overview of all the new features of Cal2Go 3.0:
* Now supports external devices: Fitbit Ultra Fitness Tracker and Fitbit Zip, Fitbit Aria Personal Scale, BodyMedia Fit Armband, Withings Personal Scale, Withings Blood Pressure Monitor
* New one click sync-service
* Now lets you select manual input of activity data or direct import from BodyMedia Fit Armband, Fitbit Ultra or Fitbit Zip
* Direct Access to a Quick Start Manual

Calories on the Mac App Store:
The old version Calories 2 is available on the Mac Appstore free of charge! Version 2 was last updated to version 2.9.1 and will no longer be updated with new features. Calories 3 is available on the Mac Appstore for $9.99 (USD). The iPhone client for Calories 3 with sync-function, Cal2Go 3.0, is available on the iTunes Appstore for $1.99. The updates for Calories 3 and Cal2Go are free of charge.

Calories on danholt4mac:
Calories 2 users can purchase an update to version 3 for $9.99. A demo version of Calories 3 that is limited to 30 days of use can be downloaded from danholt4mac free of charge.Calories 3 (v3.0)
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Calories 2 (v2.9)
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Located in Herdecke, Germany, danholt4mac is a privately held company founded in 2001 by Daniel Holtwiesche. Leveraging their longtime experience in third party development and localization, danholt Consulting Services is a premier solutions provider utilizing the most modern techniques for the Mac platform. Copyright (C) 2012 danholt. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod, and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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