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[] Langenfeld, Germany – MTbrain iOS Development is proud to introduce Business Notes 1 for iPad – a powerful but easy to use mobile Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution which supports Sales- and Account Manager wether they’re on the way, in customer meetings or in the home office.

Business Notes 1 let you manage customer information professionally and let enrich your business documents with photos, voice recording, handwriting notes and graphs and customer feedback. It appears as a high quality business leather notebook with realistic page turn and sound effects.It’s like working with your real notebook.

One essential for sustaining a profitable customer relationship is to show an ongoing attitude regarding customer business by managing the business related needs in a structured way. Business Notes 1 is here a strong and reliable supporter for Sales- and Service professionals. It is predominantly focused on existing relationship, but covers also new business. It has been designed and developed together with Sales Professional from various industries and company sizes.

Business Notes 1 features a wide range of tools necessary to manage the customer information and relationship sustainable, like managing meetings and agreements, visitation reports, brief notes, document new business opportunities, taking performance and customer feedback reports. Customer events can be ‘due dated’ and interacts with the native iPad calendar – up to native alarms.
Business Notes 1 contains a lot other supporting functions like the ability to attach photos, handwriting notes, business graphs and voice recorded comments. It has a ‘full blown’- ScieAs ‘on the way’ features it offers Geopositioning and routing.

Business Notes 1 at a glance:
* Prepare and document customers events (meetings, brief notes, first contact, business opportunities)
* Define actionpoints with due date managment
* Taking performance feedback from customers
* Create voice recording
* Visualize customers’ business data
* Schedule events – shared with iPad calendar
* Customer Master Data Management – shared with iPad Adressbook
* Geolocation (customer location, own location, connection to routeplanning)
* Incorporating photos from camera roll and photo library
* Incorporating handwriting notes/graphs
* Mailing and Air-Print function
* full featured’ Scientific Calculator with calculation historic
* Internet connection to financial news portals
* Internet connection to currency converter
* Robust database design
* Data security and protection for all files (device passcode required)

Device Requirements:
* Compatible with iPad
* Requires iOS 5.0 or later
* 7.8 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Business Notes 1 (v.1.2) is currently available for download on the App Store with a launch price of only $4.99 in the Business category until the end of October.MTbrain iOS Development
Business Notes 1 (v1.2.1)
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