Brisk Mobile/YETiCGI Launch Roaming Fortress-A New Take on Tower Defense

[] Mississauga, Canada – Brisk Mobile, a leading mobile game developer and publisher in partnership with Michigan based game developers YETi CGI, today is thrilled to announce the launch of Roaming Fortress: a genre-bending new take on tower defense. Bring the fight to your foes as you journey across the battlegrounds of the Sirenian Desert on the back of the lumbering Burdenbeast, crushing the menacing Goblin Horde and carrying your fortress to victory. A must-have for any gamer’s Christmas wish list, Roaming Fortress is now available worldwide in both the iTunes and Android app stores.

“As two independent gaming companies we’re very excited to team up and offer a completely original tower defence game that raises the bar with exceptional gameplay experiences”, said Tim Harrison, Director of Gaming for Brisk Mobile. “this includes beautifully drawn graphics, a unique combat system using over 50 squads and over 75 levels of game-play”. Roaming Fortress has garnered rave early reviews and underscores Brisk’s commitment to working with talented, enthusiastic developers like YETi CGI.

The Story:
Long ago, the Kingdom of Manatalopia stretched far across the Sirenian Desert. Life in the empire was good, just, and beautiful… Without warning, a devastating force of legend, the Goblin Horde, marched on the Kingdom of Manatalopia. The barbaric Horde showed no mercy. The brave Manatalopian Knights took up arms to defend the vast empire, but the attack was too sudden, the Horde too powerful.

At the hands of the merciless Horde, the empire was swiftly destroyed. Driven into the borderlands of their once great empire, the surviving Manatalopian Knights devised an ambitious plan to retake the lost kingdom and mete out justice on the Horde by moving their remaining fortress onto the back of the mythical Burdenbeast. The result: the Roaming Fortress. So begins the campaigns of the Manatalopian Knights to reclaim the lost kingdom and drive the evil forces back from whence they came.

“YETi CGI is committed to creating great games and Brisk Mobile has been hugely supportive, giving us the ability to focus on what we do best: create and innovate,” said Cory Heald, Creative Lead and CEO of YETi CGI. “Brisk has increased our distribution footprint by allowing us to connect into their pre-existing network with over 5 million games sold.”

Game Features:
* Epic tower defence that allows you to advance on the enemy
* Unique combat system using over 50 squads
* Hundreds of ways to configure your Fortress
* Rich graphics with detailed characters
* Over 75 levels of game-play.
* More than a dozen Fortress types to unlock and configure
* Rage, Cinder and other types of magic abilities
* Beautifully drawn backgrounds and interface elements

About YETi CGI:
Founded in 2010, YETi CGI, based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is a leading developer of mobile games. Lead by Cory Heald (Creative Lead), Joshua Freeney (Technology Lead), and Ward Makielski (Design Lead), YETi specializes in original content that features rich graphics and killer UE/UI experiences.

Device Requirements:
* Compatible with iPad
* Requires iOS 4.3 or later
* 125 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Roaming Fortress 1.0 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category. It is also available for Android. Brisk Mobile’s other games include Medieval, Medieval HD, Blackwater, Drake’s Tower, and Battle for Cydonia.Brisk Mobile
Roaming Fortress 1.0
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