Breaking Bad-Inspired Strategy Game Crime Coast Coming This June

[] Nottingham, United Kingdom – As every fan of Breaking Bad knows there’s lots of cash to be made from manufacturing and distributing a highly addictive illegal blue substance – the risks might be astronomical but the rewards sure make it worthwhile. As Walter White appreciates, if you’re smart and ruthless, even Mexican drug cartels won’t be able to take you out.

There’s a new kind of addictive substance doing the rounds on Crime Coast – a pure, synthetic blue chocolate which the residents can’t stop eating. With a product this popular, competition for the best territory is fierce, and if you want to fend off your rivals and come out on top you’ll need all the help you can get.

This June, Pixel Squad invites you to try your hand at running your very own criminal enterprise. You won’t be alone – with a crooked attorney on the payroll to bust hardened cons out of prison, it won’t be long until you’re ready to leave behind the mobile lab in the desert and go head to head with your rivals, battling for total control of Crime Coast. Join the fray on iOS, Windows Phone and Android this June. Just remember to tread lightly�

Pixel Squad is open to interviews and all other queries from the members of the press. A free preview of the game is also available on request.Crime Coast
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###Andy Dilks
Production Assistant
United Kingdom
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