Brave Luck Books Releases Chapters from Ongoing Audiobook Production

[] Battle Creek, Michigan – Indie fantasy author Tracy Falbe is publishing audio episodes from The Goddess Queen as they are recorded. The serialized audiobook presentation is building up to the release of the completed audiobook that will be distributed into iTunes in fall 2013. As of April 2013, 18 audio chapters from the fantasy novel The Goddess Queen by Tracy Falbe have been published at Brave Luck Books. Falbe, who is the author of 8 novels, is working with freelance voice talent Andrew Wetmore to record the 31-chapter, 159,000 word novel.

The Goddess Queen is the second novel of The Rys Chronicles fantasy series. Set in a Medieval-style fantasy world, this character-driven epic opens with assassins stalking the rys Shan with enchanted weapons. Shan is raising an army to take against the rys Queen Onja who has ruled humans as a goddess for over two thousand years. Shan’s loyal supporter the mercenary General Dreibrand Veta must endure the attacks of a hostile tribal king while threatened by a looming confrontation with the old mentor he deserted in a fit of rage.

Falbe anticipates completing the audiobook production in September 2013. Then the entire audiobook can go into distribution at Audible and iTunes alongside Union of Renegades: The Rys Chronicles Book I. Until then, 2-chapter mp3 episodes from The Goddess Queen are available at Brave Luck Books with a new installment coming out every month.

This monthly approach to production and publication aided Falbe by spreading out the necessary costs of recording a long work of fiction. Listeners who buy episodes help to support the production. Small episodes keep costs low for listeners, who can find out if they enjoy the novel before paying the whole price of an audiobook.

Falbe considers the audiobook market a natural place to expand after developing a readership among ebook readers. Since 2005 she has operated Falbe Publishing and markets her fantasy novels under the Brave Luck Books imprint.

She sells ebooks and audiobooks directly to fans worldwide at her website. All her novels are also available at major online retailers including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Kobo, Sony, Smashwords, OmniLit, Diesel, and DriveThruFiction.

Although the production of The Goddess Queen as an audiobook has been slow going, Falbe has been enjoying a positive collaboration with the narrator Andrew Wetmore.

“He likes reading the novel, which is a relief to me. When he took the job, he thought it would be a nice addition to his regular work of recording software tutorials. I’m so thrilled my fiction can compete with software instructions,” Falbe said. “It’s exciting as an author to hear another talented person interpret my work. I like to think that I’m making the universe a tiny bit happier by providing someone a paying gig that’s fun and creative.”

Novels by Tracy Falbe:
* Union of Renegades
* The Goddess Queen
* Judgment Rising
* The Borderlands of Power
* Rys Rising
* Savage Storm
* New Religion
* Love Lost

Publishing within an intensely competitive genre, Falbe entices people to try her fantasy series with free ebook samples and audiobook excerpts at Brave Luck Books.The Goddess Queen
Tracy Falbe Books on iTunes
Download The Goddess Queen eBook from Falbe Publishing
The Goddess Queen MP3 Sample

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