Brainwaves for Business Elite Helps with Balanced Life and Work

[] San Francisco, California – The Unexplainable Store has released another brainwave’s app mainly for the business user. The name is “Brainwaves for Business Elite.” It’s a very professional brainwaves app which can better help businessmen to boost energy, work efficiently, release stress, sleep better, and become more successful.

This brainwave app is based on Isochronic tones and has been shown to help people relax, relieve stress, concentrate and more. “Isochronic tones create a distinctive pulse of sound that affects the brain in ways that allow listeners to work on relieving stress, anxiety, and increasing concentration,” says the representative of the Unexplainable Store .

Many business elites are under enormous amounts of stress at work. In today’s economy with layoffs and companies downsizing which lead to shortages of staff and the piling up of work on employees, and this can lead to stress in the office, which leads to a lack of productivity. The “Brainwaves for Business Elite” app can help not only alleviate stress in the workplace but also lead to better focus and productivity at the office. “Many users find a burst of energy after using our business elite app.”

This app allows users to reach an altered state of consciousness through listening to brainwave with relaxing background. “The app is tailored to the lifestyle of the business elite, helping you boost energy, become more focus, meditate, release stress, sleep better, and more. It is designed not only for achieving peak performance at work, but also for finding balance between life and work.”

In each brainwave session with the “Brainwaves for Business Elite” app, users will begin feeling relaxed within minutes of listening to the brainwave recording. As the listener continues to listen the program, he or she will get very relaxed and reach complete relaxation similar to a hypnotic state. “Once in this relaxed state, the Isochronic tones induce an alternate state of consciousness that allows users to work on their issues.”

“The software helped me a lot. Every time before I go to bed, I will think of using it. This is the experience that I’ve never had. I really like it. Looking forward to the update,” one of the user said.

* Professionally built Isochronic Tones with top sound quality
* Fine-tuned brainwave sessions for business elite
* Build your own playlist to tune in your brain to desired states anytime anywhere
* Free samples of each brainwave
* Feel the effects in minutes
* No extensive practice required

Brainwaves in Four categories:
* Peak Performance
* Complete Relaxation
* Potential Maximization
* Healthy Life

System requirements:
* iPhone,iPad and iPod touch.This app is optimized for iPhone 5
* iOS 5.0 or later
* 60.0 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Brainwaves for Business Elite 1.2 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Business Category.The Unexplainable Store
Brainwaves for Business Elite 1.2
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