Boinx’s New iStopMotion for iPad and BoinxTV Releases Make the Grade

[] Puchheim, Germany – Boinx Software is pleased to receive outstanding marks on the latest updates to its classroom-friendly products iStopMotion for iPad 2.1 and BoinxTV 1.9. iStopMotion for iPad 2.1 now offers support for WebDAV servers and also features push notifications for its Theater of user-generated content. BoinxTV 1.9 is now compatible with OS X Mountain Lion and has been updated to offer greater stability, especially when working in Layers. iStopMotion for iPad will be featured at the International Society for Technology in Education Conference (ISTE), which will be held in San Antonio, Texas from June 23 to June 26. Attendees to the ISTE show can see the app in action as well as learn more about Boinx’s other apps including BoinxTV and FotoMagico in Hall D at booth 4281.

“At Boinx, we strive to develop apps that are both comprehensive enough for the working professional yet easy enough for students at all levels. I feel it’s so important for students to have access to professional tools, as it gives them the opportunity to explore advanced technology in an educational setting,” says Oliver Breidenbach, CEO, Boinx Software. “It is really amazing to see what students are capable of creating with our software, and we’re really proud that teachers have embraced iStopMotion, iStopMotion for iPad and BoinxTV. From the beginning, iStopMotion for iPad was designed with education in mind. When it comes to students, instant gratification is so important. Students are more likely to stick with a task if they can see immediate results, safely make mistakes, and achieve something they may have never deemed possible.”

With iStopMotion for iPad, Learning is Fun:
With the iPad becoming more and more prevalent in the classroom, iStopMotion for iPad is the perfect tool to help make learning a fun and immersive experience. The latest update to the app makes it possible to collect content from multiple iPads on a WebDAV server, eliminating the need for cloud-based services like YouTube or Dropbox, which are often restricted in schools. Students can now more easily collaborate on stop motion and timelapse video projects, strengthening teamwork and storytelling skills.

Show-and-Tell With iStopMotion for iPad:
Students and teachers alike can take a tip (or three or four) from the Animation Chefs, who run a web series dedicated to teaching people, young and old, the art of animating. iStopMotion for iPad is one of the Chefs’ favorite tools; they tell us:

“[iStopMotion] takes full advantage of the iPad’s simplicity and tactility. The light bulbs go off over [students’] heads when they get how expressive they can be with their imagination. Visual storytelling is not something they’ve ever been taught or planned out with a camera. They can write stories. They can speak stories. Now they can show stories. Anything they can think of is possible! Powerful stuff.”

Cody Creed, an art teacher from Manitoba, Canada, has been using iStopMotion for years to enhance the learning curriculum. In the past, he had students use the Mac version to create animated public service announcements to spread awareness about clean water in India. They held a community fundraiser where the classes premiered their films and raised over $2,000 to fund the building of two wells in Andhra Pradesh. Creed also uses iStopMotion for iPad for less complex tasks. When his students are learning about the solar system, he has them animate planetary motions and retrograde epicycles. He tells us, “It makes so much more sense when they see an hour of small motions sped up, becoming repeated patterns. It is great to tell them that the ancient astronomers could only observe and imagine the motion. They lacked the technology to recreate it.”

Becoming an iStopMotion for iPad Pro:
The iPad is a phenomenal tool for learning and practicing photography, movie making and storytelling. The device is both powerful and easy to use. Students and teachers can sharpen their iStopMotion for iPad skills with iPad Animation by Craig Lauridsen, which instructs on how to make stop motion animation movies on the iPad by combining iStopMotion for iPad, GarageBand and iMovie. The guide offers everything from the stop motion basics to comprehensive tips and tricks that cover camera settings, lighting, picture composition, frame rates, stabilizing rigs and more. iPad Animation also includes lesson plans to help teachers get a jumpstart on using iStopMotion for iPad in the classroom.

iPad Animation by Craig Lauridsen will be available soon on the iBooks Store. For more information on obtaining a review copy, members of the media can request more information by contacting Megan Linebarger.

Students Broadcasting Students Through the Power of BoinxTV:
Boinx Software’s studio-in-a-Mac program BoinxTV also just received a tune-up, graduating to version 1.9. Highly popular with educators, many schools worldwide use BoinxTV to broadcast their own student-produced news programs. The application is now OS X Mountain Lion compatible and allows users to preview productions using full Retina Display resolution for more accurate renderings and a better user experience. Boinx also replaced JavaScript with Lua in Layers for improved stability and completely rewrote the Audio Engine for better performance, higher quality and less latency. Best of all, BoinxTV now has new Wiki Documentation to help users learn the ins and outs of the program.

Learn more about how educators can use BoinxTV in school.

Book a Press Meeting:
Members of the media are invited to stop by the Boinx booth for a product demo during ISTE 2013. For more information, please contact Megan Linebarger.

Special Pricing on Apps at ISTE:
Attendees to the ISTE Conference will be offered special discount pricing on iStopMotion for iPad (4.99 USD), iStopMotion for Mac (19.99 USD) and BoinxTV (249.99 USD). You must visit the Boinx booth 4281 in Hall D for more information on how to obtain these special discounts.

iStopMotion for iPad 2.1 Pricing and Availability:
iStopMotion for iPad 2.1 is regularly available on the iPad App Store for 9.99 USD or as a free update for existing users. iStopMotion Remote Camera is available for free in the App Store.

BoinxTV 1.9 Pricing and Availability:
BoinxTV 1.9 is available as a free update for existing BoinxTV users at or via the Mac App Store. A free demo license enables BoinxTV for 30 days. The single license of BoinxTV is available for $499 at the Boinx Fastspring Store or via the Mac App Store. BoinxTV Home 1.9, which has also been updated with the same features as above, is available exclusively at the Mac App Store for $49.99. For education and volume licensing (multi-seat) of BoinxTV, please contact the sales department at Boinx.BoinxTV
iStopMotion for iPad 2.1.1
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iStopMotion Remote Camera 2.1
Animation Chefs
BoinxTV in School

Boinx Software Ltd. is located in Puchheim, near Munich, Germany. Boinx Software develops award-winning animation, video production and photography software for the Mac platform and iOS devices including the iPhone, iPad and iPod. Boinx iStopMotion is the leading solution for stop motion animation and time-lapse capture, used by many thousands of enthusiastic animators at home, in schools, in advertising agencies and professional animation studios. iStopMotion for the Mac was named one of the Best Apps of 2012 on the Mac App Store. Boinx FotoMagico, winner of two Apple Design Awards, is a presentation tool for professional photographers. BoinxTV, winner of an Apple Design Award, is revolutionary live production software that turns any Mac into a TV studio. Boinx PhotoPresenter, another Apple Design Award winner, is a quick slideshow tool with a variety of pre-built templates. Boinx Mousepose is the indispensable mouse pointer-highlighting tool for users developing presentations, training or demos. All Material and Software (C) Copyright 2013 Boinx Software Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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