Blam! Games announces game Ghost’s Joy crowdfunding campaign

[] Odessa, Ukraine – Blam! Games is pleased to announce the start of their Ghosts’ Joy crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo. Ghosts’ Joy is a brand new unique free-to-play strategic game with RPG elements, where you are presented as the ghost lord, who has to fear all citizens of this lovely and peaceful town. In Ghosts’ Joy you can enter any house, where you scare its inhabitants with the help of your ghosts.

Each ghost can study unique spells on different in-house objects. The inhabitant’s level of fright will grow up after each usage. The player’s main goal in each house is to move them out of the house and to get resources – fear points and plasma. Manage these resources to upgrade conquered buildings, restore and develop your ghosts and compete in PvP.

* 20 ordinary and 10 unique houses on global map
* Conquer and upgrade buildings on global map after capture of the house
* Hundreds interactive objects
* Each object has 6 spells
* 50 funny characters
* Lots of memorable quests to solve
* 2 unique gameplay modes: real time mode and tactical mode

“We invite you to join our page on crowdfunding to know more about Ghosts’ Joy,” said Oleg Baranovskyi, marketing manager at Blam! Games Ltd. “We included Ghosts’ Joy official trailer, Ghosts’ Joy gameplay trailer and Ghosts’s Joy cinematic trailer there. You can also find out a lot of beautiful screenshots and graphic materials there. We would greatly appreciate if you visit Ghost’s Joy page on crowdfunding to know more information concerning the game.”Blam! Games
IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign
Ghosts’ Joy on Steam Greenlight
YouTube Video (Trailer)
Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2

Blam! Games is a professional game development company founded in 2009. In collaboration with Big Fish Games, the biggest developer and publisher of casual games, they’ve released more than ten games for PC, Mac, iOS and Android. Up to now they keep on developing casual games, each available in 10 localized versions. The company is headquartered in Odessa, Ukraine with new offices in Kiev. Currently their team consists of more than 100 people and keeps growing each day. Each subsequent game gets better, more exciting and achieves higher level of quality.

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