Blackplatinumgold launches a new platform of luxury gaming

Blackplatinumgold announces the launch of its new innovative online auction platform with the purpose of boosting the Travel and Leisure Industry.

The platform features a curated selection of unmissable offers all over the world where the customers can easily participate in an auction and win luxury experiences, not only trips or stays but also exclusive products, at a price below their market value (

Furthermore, the playful context represents an integral part of the project as well as a great motivational driver, a sort of psychological incentive towards achieving personal well-being.

As a result, from this kind of partnership, the companies achieve not only the advantage of the digital exposure offered by the BPG system, which includes the website (, social media channels, and the online auctions platform, but also the possibility of reaching a new target of extremely motivated consumers ready to “fight” with bids to turn their dreams of luxury and beauty into reality.

At this moment, as in a perfect storm, the economic crisis generated by COVID simultaneously hits the world supply and demand for goods and services, within the luxury market as well: the business model devised by Blackplatinumgold appears to be highly appreciable, being based on a virtuous circle that can deliver mutual benefits to all the involved parties.

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