Blacklining Plug-in for InDesign CS6 Shipping With Amazing Launch Promos

[] Carson City, NV and London, UK – ThePowerXChange and XChange UK, the sources for extended technology worldwide are excited to announce that Blacklining for Adobe InDesign CS6 is now shipping. In conjunction with the release, two promotions are available that offer users huge savings for a limited time. New, full versions of Blacklining are Buy One Get One Free, meaning users save up to 495/$760. Additionally, users can upgrade from ANY prior version of Blacklining for only 295/$460 and receive a FREE upgrade for a second license of any version!

Blacklining means including marks within text that highlights or shows the changes that have been made. If a run of text or word or letter is deleted it will be marked as “Struck-Through” that is a line through the center of it in a bold format or color that shows it as being struck out. New text that is inserted will be marked as underlined, again in bold or colored so that it is apparent to the reader that it is a new insert.

Blacklining allows users to retain a complete audit trail of all changes made to the text of an InDesign document. Users of InDesign who produce financial, legal and other exacting documentation will find this an essential tool. Regulations now make executives of companies personally liable for the content of their publications and Blacklining ensures that they are able to be fully secure in the knowledge that they have reviewed all alterations that may have occurred.

To retain all the deleted text in a document could mean that it becomes greatly increased in pagination to encompass all the deletions. To enable the pagination to remain correct, it is possible to change views so that struck-through text is hidden but its presence marked only by a small mark or caret to show that a deletion has occurred.

Multiple revisions are available so that changes can be made, approved and then new changes made during subsequent revisions. This means it is possible to view a complete audit history of the changes made to a document as it has passed through the editing process.

* Deleted text can be shown as strike-through or by caret mark; inserted text will be shown as underlined
* Up to 98 revision levels can be recorded per document
* Through the active revision display, a true history of the document can be shown
* Words that have been inserted or deleted will appear or disappear depending on the revision level being displayed
* Paste text with BlackLining marks in place
* Special characters allow a live header to be built for displaying job information
* Comprehensive set of preferences offers full options and control
* On-screen highlight display
* Merge, remove, and erase functions for BlackLining marks at all levels
* Complete BlackLining history log file per document
* Manual BlackLining marking and clearing
* Compatibility for Acrobat Distiller PDF drivers
* Optionally show the BlackLining level(s) in the same line as the document name
* Open architecture allows ease of interface with other developers and customization

Blacklining for CS6 promotions are available now through XChange UK and ThePowerXChange worldwide. To order, or for more information, users can visit the websites or call.ThePowerXChange (North America) Blacklining Promotions
XChange UK (UK & Ireland) Blacklining Promotions

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