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[] Huntington, West Virginia – ebork Developments is proud to introduce bigtipper 1.0 for iOS. bigtipper is an extremely useful tip calculator that anyone can use. With its simplistic yet elegant user interface, bigtipper may be one of the simplest and quickest tip calculator on the AppStore.

bigtipper begins with a tutorial on the gestures that can be used within the app. Swiping on any of the cells will animate to a slider, where the user can easily adjust the percentage to be calculated.

Given the total bill amount, bigtipper can give you an idea of three different tip ranges – low, medium, and high. These percentages can easily be adjusted on the configure screen and will be remembered for future use.

Some other features that bigtipper has in its chest, is the ability to split with a party and round to the nearest dollar. The split function shows in real time what each member in a party pays for their part of the bill. The round feature, yes you guessed it, it rounds the total to the nearest dollar for those of you that don’t like to leave a total of $25.37 for instance.

All of this in an extremely simple application!

Future updates include the ability to show the actual tip amount, by clicking on the total, or swiping up, the user can view a new calculator view to show the other side of tipping!

Device Requirements:
* iOS 6.0 or later
* iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
* 2.3 MB

Pricing and Availability:
bigtipper 1.0 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Finance category.ebork Developments
bigtipper 1.0
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