Best-in-class team mileage solution released by Driversnote

Driversnote, a Copenhagen-based mileage logbook app with over 700,000 users in more than 150 countries, has launched a market-leading team mileage tracking solution to users around the world. Available for iOS, Android, and web-app users, Driversnote Teams builds on the popular app with added functionality to reduce workload through the entire mileage reimbursement process.

Driversnote CEO and Co-Founder, Martin Poulsen, said, “A common request from our users in recent months – both drivers and business owners – has been an environment where mileage reports can be created, sent, reviewed, and approved without any complicated steps. Driversnote Teams is the result of significant development work, and the early response to its launch has been exceptional.”

Designed to simplify the process of business mileage reimbursement, Driversnote Teams has been released to excitement from current and new customers alike. Team administrators will assign roles as required, allowing drivers to easily submit mileage reports to their approvers – whether that’s their line manager, the finance team, or directly to the accountant.

The process for drivers is even easier when they use the Driversnote iBeacon, allowing them to automatically track all of their driving and never forget to log a trip again. Trips are quickly reviewed and classified as business or personal in the Trip Inbox, after which the completed mileage report can be shared with approvers at the click of a button without needing to leave the app.

Approvers also benefit from the new Teams interface – they can now approve or reject mileage reimbursement claims in seconds, and with all reports being sent in the same format, reviewing mileage reports can be managed much faster than before.

Driversnote Teams has successfully built on Driversnote’s best-in-class mileage tracking app to make the mileage reimbursement process simpler and faster for all involved – saving time and money for businesses and employees alike.

About Driversnote: Serving over 700,000 Android & iOS users around the world, Driversnote makes working life simpler for customers while saving them time and money with their mileage logbook app. For more, see or download the app on iOS and Android today.

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