BeeSoft Releases ProTA 4.1 Adding Fundamental Analysis

[] Algonquin, Illinois – BeeSoft today announced the latest release of their leading stock market charting and technical analysis application ProTA, now providing Fundamental Analysis as well as Technical Analysis.

ProTA 4.1 now automatically obtains 23 of the most important fundamental metrics for the stocks in its database. From Price/Earnings Ratio and Earnings per Share to Dividend Yield and Market Capitalization, the new fundamental data can be displayed as a snapshot in an inspector panel, or as a sortable column in any table. Database scanning has been expanded to allow for the mixture of both technical and fundamental rules, combined into a single filtering criteria. For example, it is possible to scan for stocks with a Dividend Yield great than 3.5% and with a Relative Strength greater than 70.

To keep abreast of intraday shifts in fundamental status, realtime news headlines are now automatically gathered and displayed for the selected ticker. Click any headline with the mouse to read the full story as an accompaniment to ProTA’s technical and fundamental analysis.

Developer Jeffery Bizon: “In the world of finance, Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis are on opposite ends of the spectrum. Market technicians tend to rely on charting, with analysis of patterns and trends. Fundamental Analysts attempt to assess the company’s intrinsic value. With ProTA 4.1, we are very happy to now provide our users with advanced tools in both areas of study. The best of both worlds in a single comprehensive package.”

About ProTA:
ProTA empowers casual investors as well as veteran market technicians to chart, analyze and optimize their trading ideas. For the beginner, more than 100 indicators, line studies, smartlists, chart templates and trading models are built into ProTA’s one-click browser. For seasoned traders, ProTAscript provides the ultimate flexibility to author your own screens, analytics, trading systems and optimizations.

Key Features:
* Fast, free, fully automated data downloading, now with fundamental data
* Object-oriented charting interface offers easy point-and-click control and total customization
* Over 100 bundled technical indicators, line studies, and templates
* Database scanning and ranking, now combining both technical and fundamental criteria
* Trading system modeling, reporting, and parameter optimizations
* Extensibility. ProTAscript is a built-in trader’s programming language to design your own models and analytics

System Requirements:
ProTA is Mac OS X only software. Optimized for OS X 10.11 El Capitan. Minimally requires 10.7 or higher.

ProTA 4.1 is a free upgrade for all ProTA 4 users and is available immediately for download at BeeSoft online. The 100% free Trial Mode allows new users to explore ProTA’s features first hand.BeeSoft
ProTA 4.1
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