Basil Salad Software releases BiggerPicture 1.0 for macOS

[] Singapore – Basil Salad Software today is proud to announce the release of BiggerPicture for macOS. BiggerPicture uses machine-learning to increase the resolution of photos and line-art images without causing pixelation or blurs. The tool enables users to create retina-display images from normal-resolution versions, create printable logos sourced from web graphics, or preprocess vintage cameraphone photographs in preparation for photo-printing.

Unlike traditional graphic packages that uses bicubic interpolation or Lanzcos resampling, BiggerPicture’s neural network recognizes shapes and textures enabling it to hallucinate new pixels based on its training data. BiggerPicture takes advantage of Apple’s Core ML libraries fully utilize the user’s machine capabilities.

* Deep learning super-resolution – enlarge images by 2 through 8 yet retain its quality.
* Eliminate noise from JPEG compression artifacts.
* Process multiple files as a batch.
* High-quality printing as the app will pre-process images to match the printer’s resolution.
* Photos editing extension to enlarge images without leaving the Photos app.

* Create high-resolution life-size prints from web graphics.
* Upgrade older website images to look great in today’s retina displays.
* Make glossy framed prints from last century’s cameraphone snapshot collections.

* BiggerPicture uses super-resolution *machine learning* techniques that imagines pixels to fill gaps created during upscaling. This creates blur-free upscaled images.

* All processing is done within the user’s machine. There is no cloud-based processing, unlike the approach by some competitors. This makes BiggerPicture suitable for processing confidential or sensitive images.

System Requirements:
* macOS 10.13.2
* 39.5 MB

Pricing and Availability:
BiggerPicture 1.0 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the Mac App Store in the Graphics & Design category.Basil Salad Software
BiggerPicture 1.0
Download from Mac App Store
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