Babble-on Wants Trump to “Make American Apps Multilingual Again”

[] San Francisco, California – Babble-on Inc., a leading app localization service for iOS, Android, and Windows applications, has vowed to return American apps to multilingual glory. The company is asking patriotic corporations and loyal indie developers to send their English app strings for translation into any of the world’s not-English languages, like Spanish, Japanese, or Canadian. Developers answering the call of duty will receive 10% off the first-time localization of their apps until February.

“If America is going to keep winning – and I think that’s exactly what the President aims to do – we have to put our USA apps into every home, hut, and hovel in the world,” says Benjamin Zadik, the company’s founder. He further warns that languages other than English are everywhere. “If American companies don’t get there first, China will.”

The San Francisco-based translation company specializes in translating iPhone apps into dozens of languages at a time, and has localized apps by Tinder, Under Armour, IDEO, and more in its 14-year history. But as the number of app developers in China outpaces domestic gains, entire apps might soon be available only in Chinese, according to at least one person with an ominous prediction.

To meet this challenge, Babble-on offers its service all over the world, even in places President Trump has described as “s***hole” countries, allowing those with less fortunate languages to translate their apps into standard American English. For example, Chinese app developers can have their applications translated into English, so they can be used like real apps by real people downloading from a real App Store in America.

While some have called for making all apps English-only, Babble-on’s team believes that America must lead the world by spreading the nation’s values and culture through its apps. Localization can significantly increase downloads and multiply revenue. It boosts customer loyalty and offers a key advantage over competing apps. It’s also a matter of respect for any app developer’s international user base.

“Nobody respects other languages more than President Trump,” adds Mr. Zadik. “He’s like a philological genius. Although I speak several languages myself, I can hardly understand him most of the time. He’s that lingual.”Babble-on App Localization Service

Babble-on App Localization was founded in 2004 in San Francisco at a time when apps were still called software. It grew rapidly from a two-person, bilingual translation team to a team of 150+ native translators who work collectively on large multilingual projects in dozens of languages. What sets the company apart is that all translators work in their native language only, specialize in localization, and are all-around good human beings that use actual iPhones and screenshots for context. Even more revolutionary, the project manager is also a translator, and available to speak directly with the developer at all times – in several languages, if necessary. Babble-on is the localization company of choice for some of the hottest startups and large companies in Silicon Valley. Copyright (C) 2018 Babble-on App Localization. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod, iPad and Mac OS X are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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