Awesome Physics-6 in 1 Free for iOS – 6 Challenging Physics-Based Games

[] Bangalore, India – Demansol Technologies today is pleased to introduce Awesome Physics-6 in 1 v1.0 free for iOS, its innovative, 3D, physics-based construction game, where players must anticipate how geometric solids will interact when forces in a system change. Each of the 6 built-in games uses the same physics and solids (cube, sphere, cone, tetrahedron, etc.), but players must master different forces in each game, including: Stack, Collapse, Move, Balance, Shoot, and Explode. Each game includes 60 levels.

Feature Highlights:
* Ultra-realistic game physics engine
* Geometric solids of all kinds, sizes, and colors, including: cuboids, spheres, tetrahedra, planks, and plates
* Six different games test the player’s skill mastering Newtonian forces
* No clock or score – just 360 levels of highly imaginative 3D puzzles
* Skip, replay, solutions, and multi-touch capability

Awesome Physics-6 in 1 is built around a remarkably realistic game-physics engine, which effortlessly calculates and displays the complex interactions between 10 solids simultaneously. As the puzzles in each game grow more difficult, players must employ both trial & error and strategic analysis to discover a possible solution and then how to achieve it in the number of moves allotted.

There are geometric solids of all kinds, sizes, and colors, including: cuboids, spheres, tetrahedra, planks, and plates. All are made of the same ideal substance, making it easier to judge comparative weights of different solids. Also included in each puzzle are geometric solids of all sizes made of stone, which are immovable (except when balanced on an immovable fulcrum). These stones serve as the platforms on which all the colored solids rest, frequently creating elementary structures. There are no time limits or bonuses, but each level of each game has a maximum number of moves allowed the player to solve the puzzle and move to the next level (usually 1 – 5 moves per level).

The six different games fall into two categories, 1) adding or subtracting solids and 2) detonating an explosion near or firing a projectile toward solids. In the Stack game, the goal is to drag a given number of solids onto one or more stone platforms, so that all solids are supported and none fall off the bottom of the screen. In the Collapse game, players may tap one or more solids to remove them, with the aim of having all the solids fall off the screen. The Move game challenges players to tap one or more inclined colored blocks so that all the purple, ball-shaped creatures reach the exit, but none of the red, ball-shaped creatures escape.

Balance is the only game where the maximum number of moves allotted to the player is equal to the number of solids in the puzzle (usually 8 ), and stone platforms tilt realistically left and right, balancing on an immovable fulcrum. The object is to tap one or more solids with the aim of tapping and removing all of them, while allowing none to fall by carefully maintaining the platform’s balance. Players have an opportunity to control and fire a cannon-like device to destroy solids in the Shoot game. Players control the angle of the barrel and the force with which the projectile is fired. Finally, the Explode game lets players place one or more bombs anywhere on screen with the aim of sending the red ball creatures offscreen, while keeping all the purple ball creatures onscreen.

“Predicting and animating the behavior of ten different geometric shapes is a challenge for any game-physics engine,” commented Deepak Demiwal of Demansol Technologies. “Try our free Awesome Physics-6 in 1, where you can have multiple bombs, each strategically placed, explode simultaneously, while you observe the complex, interactive effects on the 12 different solids onscreen.”

Device Requirements:
* iPhone 3GS/4/4S/5, iPod touch (3rd/4th/5th generation), and iPad
* Requires iOS 5.0 or later
* Universal app optimized for display on all iOS devices
* 81.7 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Awesome Physics-6 in 1 v1.0 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category. Ad removal and solutions are available as in-app purchases.Awesome Physics-6 in 1 v.1.0
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