AutoMailer 2.1 to send massive data-merged emails

[] Milano, Italy – Tension Software announces AutoMailer 2.1 for Mac OS X. AutoMailer 2.1 allows one to merge data from a database with email templates and send to multiple addresses in Text or Web HTML format. It allows one to prepare and send an unlimited quantity of emails with a single click, with a personalized contents depending of each recipient.

Emails sent by AutoMailer are standard emails. People receiving the emails will not notice any difference compared to standard emails and they will be able to reply to them as usually. The difference is that any recipient can receive a different email personalized with his own data (merged from the internal database table) even if you just sent thousands of them with a single operation. AutoMailer is document based and allows to use as many documents the user needs to manage all the different list and required emails. It is a flexible tool to manage your mailing list directly from your Mac.

AutoMailer is able to import from databases in a smart and simply way. The user can import addresses and any kind of data from any database able to export in text format, both CSV (comma separated value),TSV (Tab separated value), CSV-S (Char separated Value using semicolon). The application is able to automatically detect during imports, the data type and the file encode method to provide imports of data without any problems

Data imported into AutoMailer are managed in the internal, easy to use, document table. When imported, they can be modified, updated and enlarged with new additional data at any time. Various commands provide manipulation of internal records in a fast and intuitive way.

AutoMailer also provides a separate ‘except’ list of address the user can maintain, to provide a list of addresses that will never be used to send, to be sure to never send anything to those addresses. The template email used to merge data from the internal database table can now be written both in text or in html to send also emails in web format (also including pictures linked from a support server)
AutoMailer provides for HTML emails, at any time, a live preview or the email the user is composing. Emails can be previewed also for any address the user want to send to, with all the data merged for any of those users, simply selecting it from a list.

All the emails can be prepared or sent with a single command, with the capability to send them via an email server, one by one, specifying an interval time between each sending. The application can prepare all the emails using the installed on any Mac and then manually send them or sending directly all them with a single command (as a standard email client) via an email server you have access to.

One of the goals in creating AutoMailer was ease of use. Anyone with a minimum of familiarity with the Mac will be able to use AutoMailer at best efficiency using all the potentiality of the app in a very intuitive way. Settings, data and email templates are saved inside documents, ready to be reused at later time reopening the documents. The user can prepare email templates inserting content of the database table using a simple syntax ( a popup offers all the available field tags to access tabled data, without having to type them). AutoMailer provides a lot of additional functionalities to help the user do his job in the best way, they are too much to list all.

* Document based, allows to save data and setting and have them ready for successive uses
* Can create and send both text or web (html) emails
* Possibility to manage an infinite number of data and letter template thanks to the document based approach with maximum flexibility of use
* Big emphases on simplicity and easy of use
* Elimination of duplicated and invalid emails
* Extreme easy to import, create and manipulate data to use for merge with letter template
* Imports form various encoding format from Unix, mac, Windows
* Import from Tab separated values, Comma separated values, semicolon separated values
* Table view with possibility to add, delete rows (records) and columns (fields) at any time and to edit in place inside the table
* Easy import with automatic detection of format and with selection of data source elements and destination (data fields) and browsing of source data in advance (before importing)
* Very simple creation of email templates with keywords insertion to put database data inside the emails for any email recipient
* Automatically updated popup to insert data tags inside the email template
* Emails with attachments
* Live preview for any email to send with updated data (you see the email as the recipient will see it) both for text and html emails
* Can send a single email, a subset or all the emails
* Can just prepare the email, to send them at later time manually from inside
* Can use and send directly via an external mail server
* Log monitoring of email preparation and sending
* PDF user guide inside the app.

What’s new:
* The import function now has the ability to auto-detect the file encode format (solved problems with files coming from MS Excel)
* New file encode formats for text file to import, 9 accepted formats such as (UTF8, ASCII, UTF16, UTF32, OLD MAC OS 9) and others
* Now can import using also CSV-S format (Comma Separated Values using Semicolon) often used by Excel and other MS products
* Interface change and improvements
* Duplicate Email now checks not using case-sensitive
* Various bug fixes
* Improved stability

System Requirements:
* Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion or higher

Pricing and Availability:
AutoMailer 2.1 is $25 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the Mac App Store and the company web site.Tension Software
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