Autointelli AIOps announces IntelliOps platform to automate event management and remediation

Autointelli Systems Private Limited IntelliOps platform prevents abnormalities in IT infrastructure such as service deviations, server slowdown, application issues, and other problems. As event management is the biggest challenge for organizations, IntelliOps provides the best approach to automate event management and auto-remediation

Their platform includes features such as event management, application mapping, and auto-remediation. Event management combines all events generated by monitoring tools. With advanced event correlation and deduplication techniques, it drastically reduces alert volumes. By analyzing different patterns, it predicts issues before it affects business performance. This feature also provides clear notifications to service-desk teams.
Application mapping discovers and maps business services and applications in an organization. It proactively detects service impact by mapping alerts and business services. It combines incidents, event changes to provide a comprehensive view of business services. It also provides a dashboard to track KPIs.

The auto-remediation feature uses predictive analysis to find underlying issues. It automatically creates tickets for the unresolved issue and automatically fixes repeated and simple incidents using AI bots.

Their platform benefits industries by handling millions of events every day and offers automated analytics and powerful insights. It also reducing service outages, identifies underlying issues, and improves customer experiences.

About Autointelli
Autointelli Systems Private Limited provides AIOps platform and solutions to automate IT infrastructure. Their platform offers features such as incident auto-heal, root cause analysis, self-service automation, root cause analysis, analytics, and host discovery and dependency mapping. Their platform is available as a complete suite and also as IntelliOPs and IntellifFow platform that automates event management and auto-remediation and workflow automation respectively. Their solutions are hybrid IT monitoring, event management and correlation, analytics, auto-remediation, discovery and dependency mapping, and IT automation and orchestration. They also develop customized use cases for their custom requirements.

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