Attestation House UAE announce the launch of their New Legal Translation Services

Attestation house announced today their launch of legal translation services from their head office in Dubai UAE. Attestation House is an already well-known service provider in the UAE for document and certificate attestation services and with the launch of their new legal translation services they are now trying to cover the part of the legal services market that was missing from their portfolio ever since.

Legal translation services are a part of overall legal ancillary services wherein a document is translated from any foreign language to Arabic by a licensed legal translator so that the document can be used and accepted for all official work in the UAE.

Today the company announced through its press releases that they now have the infrastructure ready along with the licensed manpower as well as the completion of all legal formalities required before the start of the said services.

According to company officials as an inaugural offer, they are offering some heavy discounts on their already highly competitive rates. To know more about the offer, one needs to go to the company’s legal translation page and fill out the contact form there so that service advisors may contact them and provide them with their desired solutions. The offer period will start from 1st of October 2020 and last till 30th December 2020.

Corona Virus Update: The company has updated that some of their service time periods might get affected due to the ongoing corona virus pandemic based on the restrictions imposed by various countries. There customers are requested to provide the company ample time before the contract needs to be fulfilled. For exact time delays in different countries one needs to contact the customer service advisors through the website or phone numbers provided below.

Apart from becoming a new Translation company in Dubai Attestation House also provides services such as: Document attestation, Certificate Attestation, Apostille services, Family VISA, Legal translation, MOFA Attestation, Certified true copy and Power of attorney attestation as their major service arms, among the many others that they provide.

To Reach Attestation House you can get in touch using the following:
Customer service Phone number: (+971) 431-166-49
Email: contact ( @ ) attestationhouse dot com

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