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[] Ripley, United Kingdom – Arten Science is pleased to announce permanently reduced prices for ContaxCRM Version 3. This version of their popular software, first launched in January 2012, allows individuals and companies to optimise the management of their relationships by building a detailed contact history of customers, suppliers, prospects, members, and other contacts. Written and designed in the United Kingdom by Steven Cholerton and published by Arten Science Limited, ContaxCRM Standard is now available for only �29 whereas ContaxCRM Premium is now �49.

It’s a small price to pay for an ingenious program that lets customers capture, store, interact, communicate, and manage all of their interactions, be they with customers, prospects, suppliers, members, personal, network, or even competitors. So, as a single user program it’s ideal for graphic designers, web developers, consultants, electricians – any small business or charity managing multiple contacts. The multi-user edition can grow with businesses to support hundreds of users. What’s more, ContaxCRM works with Windows computers and Apple Macs or even a mixture of both.

Arten Science prides itself on offering a CRM solution that stands out from the crowd. Users get a choice of where data is kept, on the computer, on the network, or in the cloud. Customers pay only once, rather than monthly, and the solution runs natively on the computer, rather than in a browser. ContaxCRM Version 3 requires an Intel Mac running OSX 10.5 or a PC running Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8.

ContaxCRM is simple and efficient to use and secure. It works with Apple Mail, iCal, and Outlook to provide a seamless link between users’ contacts, email, and related calendar entries. The solution can automatically or selectively save both sent and received emails to an individual contact record. The interface retains a clean, simple, and functional design that appeals to users at all levels. On top of all this, it uses up to 384 bit Blowfish encryption as standard.

The power and ease of use of R10BatchMail and R10Cipher are built into ContaxCRM Version 3 giving powerful bulk email and encryption/security. ContaxCRM features powerful document management features as standard, to enable users to lock documents away securely. When used in conjunction with SMSRelay also from Arten Science, ContaxCRM becomes a powerful and flexible text messaging solution.

The success of ContaxCRM is demonstrated through excellent customer feedback. Matt Kavanagh, Technical Support Manager, of Perfect Colours, a printing company said, ‘[We have] been using ContaxCRM to keep track of technical support contact with customers for repairs, warranties, and call-outs for the past six months and it has transformed our engineers’ access to information. I would recommend it to any small business wanting to share information across their company, particularly given the low entry-level cost and the cross-platform nature of the software.’

Kaye Booth of Social Myna Ltd, social media consultants, said of ContaxCRM and the owner of Arten Science, Steve Cholerton, ‘I…purchased the fabulous ContaxCRM which has proved invaluable for my business. Steve helped me from installation through to using the CRM effectively as a tailored business tool. Always keen to offer support and further advice I would highly recommend Steve and his Mac/Windows products.’

* Mac OSX including Mountain Lion
* Tested on OSX 10.5
* Windows Version works on XP, Vista, 2003, 7 and 8
* Requires no installation
* Requires no additional runtime
* Custom help system
* Single user with inbuilt SQLite, or multi-user with MySQL
* Sync the database with iDisk, DropBox or similar
* Quotations convert to Orders
* Orders convert to Invoices
* Auto backup functionality
* Contact template facility
* Separate import program
* User defined contact categories and classifications
* Specify the allowed methods of communication
* Unlimited custom fields
* User-defined contact status
* Visit a contacts’ website by clicking
* Mark a contact as inactive, effectively hidden, but not deleted
* Visit a contacts’ blog by clicking
* Traffic Light Rating System (TLRS) – Red, Amber, Green
* Contact information and notes – output as an audio file
* Batch/bulk emailing functionality
* Drag and drop document management
* Email a contact by clicking
* Outgoing and incoming email is written to contact history
* Automatically capture incoming email
* Dial your IP phone
* Update your Twitter status
* Send Twitter @reply messages to contacts
* Insert iCal Entries
* Insert Outlook entries
* Fast searching, sorting, and filtering of contact information
* Drag and drop text documents into contact notes
* Geographical mapping information
* Real-time charting
* User-defined connections/relationships
* Full screen toggle
* Extensive use of keyboard shortcuts
* Inbuilt report generator with export
* Use any generally available query tool to create reports
* Each contact can be individually encrypted
* Incoming email can be encrypted
* Contact notes/history can be encrypted
* In-built project management

* Offline manual
* Tutorial movies
* Forum
* Email the developer
* Telephone support can be quoted for separately

1. A single user trial version of ContaxCRM can be downloaded and used for 14 days. It features a nag screen which can be removed with a single keypress. The 14 day restriction can be removed by purchasing a license from Arten Science. Data entered into the trial version is kept when purchasing a full version. Data entered into the single-user version can be transferred to the multi-user version at the click of a single button using the utility module supplied for free with the multi-user licence.

2. To find out more, go to the Arten Science website or contact the Managing Director, Steven Cholerton, directly on +44 7977 752329.ContaxCRM
Download ContaxCRM
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Arten Science was set up in 2007 to design, develop, and market quality commercial software for Mac OSX and Windows. The company also provides bespoke software development, technology, database, and security consultancy services. What’s more, all of their commercial products can also be tailored, modified, and enhanced to suit customers’ specific requirements. New in 2013 we now provide bespoke custom iPad and Android, Tablet / Smartphone applications at prices starting from 500. Copyright (C) 2013 Arten Science. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, Mac OS X, and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

###Steven Cholerton
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United Kingdom
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