Armed Heroes Free 3D action MMORPG Getting release on the App Store soon

[] Beijing, China – With months of new content updating and bug fixing, Armed Heroes is now under Apple’s review. As soon as it is approved, its global release will be launched on the App Store.

Here is a preview of the latest version of Armed Heroes for a first look.

New 3D models:
The latest version of Armed Heroes utilized 3D model to build the game world. Players will have an amazing visual experience in a massive multiple online game world. In new expansion, we optimized most of the models of roles, monsters, and weapons and so on. You will find a gorgeous and ambitious game world.

New gameplays:
You are multiplayer online game fans? Or action role-playing game fans? Or DoTA or tower defense game fans? Or you are all? Then you have to give Armed Heroes a shot.

Not only allowing you to explore dungeons of various challenging landscapes, participating in furious multiplayer online battle arena and guild wars, the latest version of Armed Heroes now, brings you both DoTA-style and tower-defense-style gameplays for more exciting entertainments.

Great Storylines:
Long long time ago when the world was full of chaos. Gods separated it to light and dark, which keep fighting each other. When it comes to the era of Armed Heroes, the light is swallowed by the darkness, and the land falls into the eternal night. You must find out how all this happened, which however is not the end but the beginning.

Different from other RPG games, there is no absolutely right or wrong here. You just follow your heart. The decision you made will affect the future of this world. In the latest version, we added new branch quests. Players will find many unknown stories in different ways, through which they will experience the joys and sorrows of normal unimportant people.

Good Tech Support:
Armed Heroes employs self-developed engine and supports iOS/Android devices at the same time, allowing you to play it anytime and anywhere with mobile network service (3G and Wi-Fi network preferred).

More new contents and gameplays are under development. We will keep supporting and growing the game further, while please keep your support and attention with us!EGLS
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