Are these images Adult? Google says they are and removed PaigeeWorld

[] Vancouver, Canada – PaigeeWorld is a Social Network for young Artists. PaigeeWorld has over 1 million subscribed artists and has been ranked as a top 1000 website in the USA. PaigeeWorld is one of the few art sites that is rated for all ages. Adult content has never been allowed on PaigeeWorld and never will be allowed. PaigeeWorld has over 100 volunteer Moderator, Feature Team and Welcome Team members from around the world that moderate content 24/7 keeping the PaigeeWorld community safe for all ages. Most of our volunteers are community members between 16 and 21 years old that have been long term members of PaigeeWorld.

Today PaigeeWorld has been removed from Google Play. Google has flagged 2 of the screenshots representing PaigeeWorld on Google Play as being adult oriented. Google feels that the images have violated the following policy:

Real-life, simulated, or fantasy subjects portrayed with:
* Clothing that provides excessively tight, or minimal coverage of breasts, buttocks, or genitalia
* Sexually suggestive poses
* Disproportionately large breasts, buttocks, or genitals
* Breasts, buttocks, or genitals that extend past the border of the icon

We have asked the PaigeeWorld community and our Social Media followers if they agree with Google. So far not one person responding has felt that these images are “Adult”. Here are some of the comments:

* @toocamely, Again, they have boobs. Is that so wrong. Everything is well covered. If they want that down. They should just delete all their female pictures because that’s unfair.
* @daughter0fzeus, No this is perfectly age appropriate THIS MAKES ME SO MAD! … smh
* @ambu101, I feel as though PaigeeWorld has very good rules and guidelines I feel google is being very protective and should back off a little bit that is just me
* @savonah1, Nope. It isn’t adult. It’s part of the natural female body -w-
* @xxniamhcxx, This image is NOT adult, cleavage is natural for a woman, and also many other apps contain this kind of stuff so theyre being petty.
* @churroferret, That’s not adult, that’s a very detailed and nice image. Has Google even SEEN anime girls?
* @animeloverblue, Is just a anime girl Google probably haven’t watched anime
* @Rawane Hassoun, That’s absolutely dumb for one it’s art and it’s not revealing even!! Ridiculous of Google for removing your app for this silly and unreasonable thing.
* @Jourdan Christina Wicks, Cleavage is nothing, a nipslip would be much more severe. Crazy how many other mobile apps have nearly naked women in them but yours somehow got cut down for it after being on there for FOREVER.

As a small application publisher and startup, these actions by Google can devastate our business and our community. Although PaigeeWorld is a very popular social network, we have very little revenue. 100% of all of our revenue since we launched goes to development and operations of the community. Please help us by promoting this story and bringing attention to the double standards that Google subjects smaller publishers to.PaigeeWorld 4.0.2
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Screenshot 1 (Is this Adult?)
Screenshot 2 (Is this Adult?)

PaigeeDraw Inc., an independent software development company, is the fastest growing manga and anime social network and drawing community in North America. Almost 1 million artists call PaigeWorld their home on the internet. Copyright (C) 2018 PaigeeDraw Inc. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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