Archisketch adds Area Calculations and User Friendly Features

[] London, United Kingdom – Open Screen Ltd. is proud to announce the release of the latest version of Archisketch, a scale-aware sketching app for the iPad. A significant and highly requested feature found in Archisketch 2.7.1 is the ability to calculate areas of both regular and irregular shapes. All manners of Archisketch users will be able to gain benefits from this new feature, whether you are an Architect who needs to know the area of a building or site, an interior designer interested in the amount of flooring tiles required, or a landscape designer determining how many perennials to order. In Archisketch 2.7.1, such information is easily obtained by simply selecting a closed shape and tapping on a button to reveal its area.

The developers of Archisketch continue to prioritise enhancing its user-friendly capabilities. Users can now reuse a prior set of drawing properties such as line widths and fill and stroke colours, without having to waste time creating libraries of pre-set brushes. With a tap of a button, the properties of an existing shape can be reinstated, making the canvas itself the brush library.

Other features added, include the ability to join two lines and to select between square or rounded line endings. Such incremental improvements allow for greater artistic freedom and depth to the type of work produced using Archisketch and is part of the maturing process of this application.

Learning an application can be difficult. To facilitate the learning process, Archisketch 2.7.1, in addition to the app’s existing help documentation, also includes a bonus set of tooltips. These accompanying tooltips have been added to the majority of the buttons on the interface. Simply tapping and holding on a button, a tooltip will appear indicating the button’s function, helping the users to instantaneously familiarise themselves with additional features.

About Archisketch:
Archisketch is a scale-aware sketching program ideal for Architects, interior and landscape designers, product designers, design students, or anyone working with design on an iPad. Inspired by the tradition of sketching on a tracing pad, Archisketch brings sketching into the modern era on an iPad. Archisketch helps architects and designers visualize, capture and explore their ideas using layers, symbols, colours, dimension guidelines, 2D grids, isometric and axonometric 3D grids, and even smart one- and two-point perspectives for 3D. When finished, drawings can be printed to scale directly from the iPad up to A1 size, or exported to PDF, which can be included in a CAD application, or uploaded to Adobe Creative Cloud.

Device Requirements:
* Requires iOS 10 or later on an iPad, iPad Air or iPad Pro
* Support for Apple Pencil requires iOS 10 on an iPad Pro
* 49.1 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Archisketch 2.7.1 is available immediately from the App Store as a free download for use with up to 50 shapes in two projects, with an in-app purchase for unlimited shapes and projects for a price of $9.99 (USD).Archisketch 2.7.1
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