releases APPower, a Mobile App Success Strategy e-Book

[] Austin, Texas –, a leading mobile app marketing company, published their first mobile app marketing e-book this week titled, APPower: A Guide to Mobile App Marketing Success. The e-book, written by founders Carson Barker and Clif Haley, details their personal experience and knowledge on how to execute a successful mobile app campaign. The e-book includes tips, case studies, strategies, and more on marketing and advertising to help app owners turn their app into a lucrative business.

“We’ve been in the mobile app marketing business since 2009, and we’ve gained crucial knowledge about this exploding business,” said Barker. “We decided to share some of our insights to help app owners and developers learn how to get more downloads, higher rankings, media coverage, and ultimately, turn their app into a profitable business. Because that’s our business.”

APPower shares powerful and effective industry tools, including the founders’ experiences and campaigns working with AP Mobile (Associated Press), Starmap, Dishpal, Fancru and many other successful apps for the iTunes and Google Play markets. The e-book is broken down into step-by-step procedures, starting with the early stages of building a mobile app and ending with methods of maintaining success for the long term. Barker and Haley believe that this book is essential for any app developer, whether they’re just starting in the app business or have years of experience.

“There’s something that every app developer can learn from this e-book,” said Haley. “We’ve taken years of experience, strategizing, trial and error, and other lessons we’ve picked up along the way about developing lucrative app campaigns, and bottled them all into this text.”

The authors of APPower plan to update the e-book quarterly to keep the content fresh and relevant.

“The rules are always changing in the app business world,” said Barker. “You have to constantly stay on your feet and adhere to the changes before they happen to stay ahead of the game. That’s why we’re committed to updating this e-book quarterly–to make sure it’s always on target for new apps and new developments in marketing.”

APPower is currently available for $0.99 USD for a limited time in Amazon Kindle. A hard copy of the book is also available for purchase from the Amazon site. For more information about APPower or, visit
APPower: A Guide to Mobile App Marketing Success

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