AppsMoment Announces Their App Maker for Free

[] Ternopil, Ukraine – Individuals can now develop iPhone and Android applications with AppsMoment, a free app maker. The advent of gadget applications is more popular now than ever. Technology keeps evolving and people are able to do more and more things on their gadgets and smart phones. Technology is now a big part of people’s lives. It has great function, helps them carry out their work more efficiently and also serves as a major form of entertainment. Applications are fun and easy to use, even kids these days can easily learn and adapt to using apps so even many apps are made for specifically for kids to help them learn and keep them entertained. Almost everyone has a smart phone or gadget that uses apps so surely apps are staying for a long time. AppsMoment takes the advent of apps to a higher level by giving users the option to create their own apps.

AppsMoment is a website where people can build their own applications, whether it’s for iPhone, iPad, Android or Kindle. This unique app builder has a simple step by step guide that will help users build their own apps easily and quickly. People do not need to know how to code or having the technical skills or accounts that real coders and app creators have. The best part is they can do these all for free! People can even publish their apps for free. iPhone users can develop iPhone app for their phones and their friends. There are App Maker android for those who have Android phones, and a lot of Ipad Publishing can be done for those with iPads. The same goes with Kindle users, so the great thing about AppsMoment is whatever gadgets people have, they can always use AppsMoment and develop their own applications for themselves.

App enthusiasts can now enjoy applications even more with the unlimited choices and possibilities with apps. They have even more choices and freedom now, since they are no longer limited to the App store or the Android Market. If people can’t find a particular app that they need, they can now create that app and customize it to fit their needs. The possibilities are now endless. They are just limited to the users functions and imaginations. People can find more information on the AppsMoment website and start creating their apps today!AppsMoment

AppsMoment is an App Maker for iPhone, iPad, Android and Kindle. People can now create and customize and publish their apps for free. AppsMoment was founded by Maksym Visochanskiy and Angel A in 2012. Copyright (C) 2012 AppsMoment. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

###Maksym Visochanskiy
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