AppsEco launch of disruptive solution to mobile app automation at WebSum

[] Los Angeles, CA, Dublin, Ireland – AppsEco today announced that they will attend WebSummit to launch its platform as the disruptive solution to mobile app automation for better marketing, app store delivery, app performance, and app management. Early access and beta testing is currently open. AppsEco is the first app ecosystem to automate app store processes, management, and promotion in real time. Collecting and aggregating data, this ecosystem increases app performance, visibility, and profitability. In addition, it has the capability to retarget advertisements for more relevant ad conversion.

Gloryvee Cordero, one of the co-founders of AppsEco, points out, “Our team was driven to formulate better results and impact the mobile and app market with new automated solutions that took into account the needs of app developers, advertisers, and end-users.”

Another co-founder, Ana Strezyn, adds, “The market needs a system that can establish relevant app positioning, increase revenue for app developers, and increase the relevancy of ad distribution.”

App store processes and data collection are a vital part of the success of any app business, especially in a vast growing market with millions of available apps for download. Many agencies collect big data and possess a large database to send to an app developer, but the time required to process that data and formulate a proper solution results in immense amounts of difficulty for many such developers to integrate solutions for their app releases.

AppsEco not only aggregates all of the collected data for each app within its network, it automatically performs the proper tasks needed to help the app perform better within the market. Throughout the app’s lifecycle, AppsEco relentlessly collects, monitors, and aggregates data to increase the app’s visibility, popularity, ranking, and keyword positioning.

Roger Nikunen, a well-established enterprise developer with more than 20 years experience and the third co-founder of AppsEco, stresses that “AppsEco is, at its core, the automated implementation of proven app optimization and marketing methodologies. We were inspired to create an all in one system that would evaluate conditions and aggregate results based on real-time data.”

AppsEco enters the marketplace as the only solution to use aggressive formulations to aggregate this data and use it to increase app performance. Running thousands of formulated paths of action, it determines the most efficacious tasks to perform on each app in its network and whether the app requires cross-promotion of other apps and monetization strategies.

In addition, AppsEco retargets advertisement distribution for relevancy, distributes incentives to end-users, and requests reviews or subscriptions to increase engagement. The mobile app advertisement business is a $25B industry, but it has yet to discover the best and most optimal ad distribution that AppsEco has programmed within its platform. Revenue for app developers under AppsEco see revenue increases of up to 325 percent.

App developers are kept apprised of app actions consistently, while the system archives and learns trends and patterns for the apps to ensure that future releases are more successful. App developers are afforded a clear look of which apps are top performers and the reasons for their successes because each app is ranked within the system. Less performing apps are allowed the possibility to be shared and promoted on social networks, helping to increase downloads and engagement in real time.

For more information, contact AppsEco, LLC or via telephone at (813) 784-5351. You can also visit AppsEco online to sign up for early access and beta testing.AppsEco

Founded in 2015, AppsEco, LLC is a female technology company with two seasoned veterans from the app industry. These co-founders have released apps with more than 20 million downloads across more than 500 apps. They have established themselves not only as appreneurs, but they also hold graduate degrees in technology and possess more than 30 years experience in software programming. They have aided 15 Fortune 500 companies throughout their careers. Appseco is a mobile platform SaaS developed by app developers with over 500+ apps and over 40M downloads, the system automates the app optimization process so app developers, advertisers and end users can eliminate analyzing app data and start enjoying app performance success. All Material and Software (C) Copyright 2015 Appseco LLC. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.

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