Appocto Introduces the PDF Powerpack for Mac OS X

[] Nybro/Kalmar/Oland, Sweden – Appocto today is proud to announce the release of PDF Powerpack, a new bundle at a great price containing their popular series of PDF applications for the Mac OS X platform. The bundle includes PDF Encrypt, PDF Image Extractor, PDF text Extractor, PDF Shrinker and PDF Merger.

Almost everyone encounters a PDF in their daily work flow, both at home and at work. And every so often we want to do things with the PDF’s that can’t be done in an easy way with standard tools and without those expensive professional PDF editing tools. With the PDF Powerpack, Appocto brings that extra power and the features you need to your desktop, making working with PDF files so much easier.

“We have received so much positive feedback from customers who use our PDF tools that we decided to make them even more affordable.” said Johan Sunden, Co-founder and CEO of Appocto. “We believe that dealing with PDF files should be super easy.”

The bundle includes:
* PDF Encrypt – Encrypt and password protect your PDF files
* PDF Image Extractor – Extract images from your PDF files
* PDF Text Extractor – Extract text from your PDF files
* PDF Shrinker – Shrink your heavy PDF files in a breeze – Swoosh
* PDF Merger – Merge multiple PDFs into one

“Bought the image and text extractor and I love it! You save me so much work and time! Your app is well appreciated!” Said Denise Alicea, one happy Appocto customer.

“It used to be impossible to do anything with a PDF. Now there are a large number of apps to make working with PDFs as easy as any other WP doc. And I have bought and used a lot of PDF apps!” said Clive Barton, one happy PDF Powerpack user. “Thanks for making such a great suite at a great price”

Pricing and Availability:
Original value of PDF Powerpack is $24.95 (USD), but is now available for as low as $9.99. Save $14.95. Is now available worldwide from Appocto online.Appocto
PDF Powerpack
Download PDF Powerpack

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