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[] Chicago, Illinois – Large enough to draw a four to five panel comic and small enough to fit in most average scanners, Panel Pages help artists who don’t have or can’t afford large format scanners go quickly from paper to digital. The odd sized 8 x 11.5 comic art boards were designed by Night Phoenix Press head creator Nathyn Brendan Masters and like most professional comic art boards come complete with a non-photo blue border printed on smooth bright white Bristol board. But Masters had to sell the idea to backers via crowdfunding site Kickstarter, but to do a successful campaign you need a video. For this, it was iMovie to the rescue.

“I’m a huge fan of Final Cut Pro, both legacy and X,” says Masters. “But for videos like these, I just need something quick and dirty that can get the job done and done well, for that iMovie tends to be the thing.” Since Masters was making a video about a comic book product, he used Apple’s popular comic book themed transitions and quickly cobbled together videos he’d already taken of himself drawing, with new footage of himself trying to scan the large 10 x 14 page into a regular sized printer/scanner. He then juxtaposed the video to one of him simply using a page that fit, one of his “Panel Pages”.

“I had these videos of myself doing inks on an exterior I’d drawn, and while I had the idea for Panel Pages awhile ago, for some reason trying to get that piece into Photoshop inspired me to do the Kickstarter now,” recalls the artist. “I grabbed my T3i, shot some new footage of me dealing with the scanning process, transferred it to my Macbook Pro and was about to open Final Cut Pro X to edit, but I thought about it and it was just too much for what I needed. Instead I opened iMovie, dropped the clips in and used it’s vast selection of transitions and effects to quickly create the video that you see when you come to the “Panel Pages” Kickstarter.

Panel Pages have been backed by “Ghost Rider” artist and “Creed” creator Trent Kaniuga as well as “Aizan” artist and creator Shawn Alleyne. Former Image and Marvel artist Dan Fraga posted a blurb about it on his Facebook page and there’s even an article about Panel Pages on comic book news and review blog “Shelf Abuse”.

The “Panel Pages” Kickstarter was fully funded on Sunday, March 17, 2013, but is still accepting funds from early adopters. Masters has also initiated stretch goals and has also started an Indiegogo page as well because of request from people who wanted to use money in their Paypal account to back the project.

“I think it’s awesome that Apple makes products that make this kind of creative process, so quick and painless for media producers,” says Masters, “And while it’s great to have FCP or FCPX, sometimes you just need to knockout a small project and for that iMovie is the winner and still champion.”Night Phoenix Press
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Night Phoenix Press is a Chicago based comic book company, that publishes the Epitaph comic book line as well as the upcoming Night Phoenix series. Night Phoenix Press is a subsidiary of independent film company TimeCode Mechanics. Copyright (C) 2011 TimeCode Mechanics / All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo and Mac OS X platforms are trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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