App Rewards Club Shakes Up App Marketing, Rewards Social Sharing

[] Surrey, Canada – In the free app marketing industry, there are many competitors, but none of them seem to be doing it right. That’s why Ken Carpenter and Kyle Newsome have teamed up this year to deliver App Rewards Club, a free app service and user rewards program bundled into one, to take on the challenge. It is available as a universal iOS app, as well as a new website and Facebook page.

App Rewards Club is a “by developers, for developers” initiative that aims to tackle the multi-thousand dollar monkey in the room that is overpriced free app marketing services. After having released several games between them, Ken and Kyle were becoming increasingly tired of the current industry players, their lack of transparency and their predatory pricing schemes. They also felt the participating developers’ apps were not treated with adequate respect given the hard work and passion so many developers poured into their creations.

Ken originally launched a web-only free app service in 2010 under the name Free App Calendar, and while it was moderately successful, the strong focus on developer fairness outshined user growth. When Kyle and Ken met through the community blogging site iDevBlogADay in early 2012, they agreed to relaunch the service together with a new iOS app and Facebook Page, as well as a strong focus on making it something visitors would want to return to every day.

The result is App Rewards Club – a Free App Service and Rewards Program bundled into one. App Rewards Club places a strong focus on rewarding users for sharing their opinions about featured apps on social networks. Rather than forcing canned messages upon users, Ken and Kyle felt it was important to encourage candid discussion and let users speak from the heart.

Ken and Kyle will blog regularly about the market and their progress towards two of the major goals for App Rewards Club, which are to:

1. Provide visitors with a fun and engaging place to share their opinions, get free apps and earn real-world rewards from top brands including Best Buy, Sony Music, eBags, Disney, Pepsi, Carl’s Jr. White Castle, and many more. App Rewards Club has partnered with and to provide reward fulfilment services.

2. Provide developers with the most effective app promotion service at an ethical price with transparency regarding process and results.

The App Rewards Club iOS app is available today in the iTunes App Store. For more information, visit the website or the blog for the user and developer voices of App Rewards Club respectively.App Rewards Club
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