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[] Gelugor, Malaysia – has just beta-launched to provide an easy method for app developers, marketers and entrepreneurs to add nag screens into the mobile apps to generate more revenue and increase downloads.

As an introduction, a nag screen is best described as a “page” that is configured to appear once users open a particular app. The advantage of using a nag screen is that it cannot be blocked, thus the user will see the nag screen before moving on to the app itself. It can be used to promote or advertise anything the app developer wishes, which makes it a highly useful marketing tool. One of the most effective methods is to promote the app’s upgrade in the nag screen.

With, it allows the creation of nag screen without requiring any programming skill or knowledge anymore in just 2 steps. It not just focus on the creation of nag screens, but also serves as the main nag screen management system for all the nag screens that were created in just one control panel. App developers using will be able to track their nag screen’s performance.

To use, the first step is to configure your chosen campaign in which details are entered for the nag screen. The second step is to add’s SDK to your app in just minutes with the step-by-step process that is provided in the member area.

The best part about the nag screens is that they are specifically designed to perfectly fit in the iPhone screen.

Registering for an account in is completely free. We hope this free service be of value in the app development community.NagScreen
6 Proven Ways to Use a Nag Screen Profitably
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