App Camp For Girls Expands in 2016; Deadline To Apply is March 17

[] Portland, Oregon – App Camp For Girls, a non-profit organization aimed at correcting the gender imbalance in the software industry, is expanding in Summer 2016. An inaugural camp session will be held in Phoenix, Arizona. Camp sessions will also take place in established locations: Portland, Oregon; Seattle, Washington; and Vancouver, British Columbia. Applications for 2016 sessions are available on the camp website. The deadline for applying for the first round of acceptances is March 17, 2016.

At App Camp For Girls, campers receive a broad introduction to the process of iOS app development, from brainstorming and designing ideas to building and pitching their apps. The girls use Mac(R) computers and Xcode(R), Apple’s suite of developer tools, to build their apps and run them on iPod touch(R) devices. By building an app in one week, campers get a sense of accomplishment that can spark their enthusiasm to pursue further tech education.

The application for Portland, Seattle, Vancouver and Phoenix is now available on the App Camp For Girls website. The deadline for submitting is March 16, 2016, at midnight PDT. If applications outnumber the available spaces at any location, a random selection will be made and a waitlist will be opened. If a location is not filled by the deadline, applications will continue to be accepted until it is filled.

Camp tuition is $400 (USD) for the week at the U.S. locations and $400 (CAD) in Vancouver.

Camp session dates are as follows:
* Portland, OR (2 sessions): July 11-15 and August 15-19, 2016
* Vancouver, BC: July 18-22, 2016
* Seattle, WA: July 18-22, 2016
* Phoenix, AZ: July 25-29, 2016

“This will be our fourth summer,” said Jean MacDonald, AC4G founder. “We’ve worked with over 100 girls and over 40 volunteers so far. The demand continues, so we are committed to continuing to expand.”App Camp For Girls
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App Camp For Girls seeks to address the gender imbalance in technology professions by inspiring middle-school age girls with a broad introduction to the process of app development, from brainstorming and designing ideas to building and pitching their apps. We believe that the experience of creating an app that runs on a device in one week can spark the enthusiasm that will propel girls to pursue further tech education. In addition, App Camp For Girls is a place for women in the tech community to come together, network, and provide mutual support in their endeavors to advance in the field of software development. We encourage and support our volunteers to continue their own education in programming and design. All Material (C) Copyright 2016 App Camp For Girls. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, Mac OS X, Xcode, iPhone, iPod, iPad and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.

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