Announcing ExeWrapper – Code sign Windows executables from macOS

[] Rochester, New York – Tim Parnell is excited to announce the launch of ExeWrapper, a tool for code signing Windows executables from macOS. No need to dual boot into another operating system. No headaches fumbling with VMs to find the one with the right configuration. Cross-platform developers can work, build, and now sign in macOS. A simple convenience for any workflow.

ExeWrapper is a Mac application at heart. Take advantage of features like the macOS Keychain to store certificate passwords, drag & drop file management, and shareable save documents to make signing deliverables easier than ever.

Designed to be easy every step of the way, ExeWrapper makes cross platform developers lives easier. Adding files to sign is a simple drag and drop operation. Files can be added statically, or folders can be added to be recursed at sign time. This makes it easy to sign your projects in one step.

Through the magic of OpenSSL, code signing Windows executables on macOS is not simply a dream. Save time by staying in macOS to sign deliverables. Certificate passwords can optionally be stored on your local macOS keychain. Keychain is secured and encrypted by the system. Never lose a certificate password again. Files listed are saved as relative paths. The receiving party can open ExeWrapper, supply the certificate password, and click sign. Easy as that.

ExeWrapper can be downloaded for free from its official website. ExeWrapper is fully capable of code signing free of charge. To sign batches of more than five files a license is needed. Tim Parnell can be reached at for questions or comments!ExeWrapper 1.0.3
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Based in Rochester, New York, Tim Parnell has been making software since his high-school career 2007. Tim has worked on several popular products, including Answers, MacDust, and cloud screenshot software. Now, a software development consultant with a background in customer service Tim is making software for Mac and Windows users alike. All Material and Software (C) Copyright 2019 Tim Parnell. All Rights Reserved. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.

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