Angry Piggy 1.0.3 brings ultimate fun to casual game fans

[] Beijing, China – With Halloween quickly approaching, Angry Piggy is ready to make an impressive comeback! Similar to a grinning pumpkin in appearance, this angry yet lovely piggy will not only impress you at first glance; it will entice you with endless in-game fun.

Angry Piggy tasks players with collecting eggs in each level, and avoiding evil blue chicks in the meantime. Unlike bad piggies who use modern vehicles, the angry piggy seems more simple-minded and more straight to the point – grabbing eggs. Players control this block-shaped piggy, carefully steering it to jump around and try every possible way to snatch all eggs. Eggs must be delicious, but hmm, our hero has a heroic goal: protect them from invaders.

This kind of simplicity elaborates the core gameplay of Angry Piggy, bringing back players’ memory of the legendary Pacman. However, the game is also challenging in terms of difficulty. Evil chicks with high AI moves unpredictably, meaning you must be swift in both thinking and action. And in latter levels, you have to grab more eggs while dealing with more obstacles.

Feature Highlights:
* Piggies and chicks are on with brand new adorable appearances
* Exquisite graphics, rich and interesting character animation
* More than 40 different styles of level designs
* Brand new games, including puzzles, adventures and many more
* Cheerful background music and funny sound effects
* All levels come with graphics and videos

To avoid chicks or to beat them? The answer varies as you make progress in the game. Initially the angry piggy is not strong enough to fight chicks, but it gains combat power from special items, such as a helmet or TNT. Other fantastic power-up items will enable you to walk through walls, freeze all chicks, slow down their speed or even kill them all instantly!

Over 40 levels are included in Angry Piggy, each of which comes with a different style. As an outstanding blender of puzzle and adventure, the game has successfully gained global popularity since release, attracting millions of download worldwide. Moreover, the exquisite graphics, the cartoon characters, cheerful animation as well as catchy music also add to its appeal.

Also featured in Angry Piggy is the rating system for every level – ranging from 1~3 stars, which further adds to the game’s depth and replay value.

“It has been a few months since the latest update in February.” says Michael Li, the chief producer of Angry Piggy. “Rovio told us piggies would never do good deeds. For that reason, we were unable to make any further updates to the game and bring more fun to players.

Anyway, we hope every player of this game will have a happy Halloween! The angry piggy, with long plaits reminiscent of imperial China and a fighting spirit within the body, comes with our sincere greetings.”

Believe him. Angry chicks bite, angry piggy fight!

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
* Requires iOS 3.2 or later
* 35.0 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Angry Piggy 1.0.3 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.Angry Piggy 1.0.3
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