An Insightful Interview of the CEO of Ellocent Labs – Mr. Navneet Singh Baidwaan

To continue being the best in the world, Ellocent has mastered the art of riding the rapidly evolving technology wave. The CEO Mr. Navneet Singh Baidwaan, has managed to find the right balance between edgy and stable, which is why they are hailed as the best in the business today.

It would be an understatement to call Ellocent Labs a software company since they appeal to a much broader customer base. If there is a label that correctly defines this flamboyant company is IT solution services. Ranging from web development to software development and everything in between, they empower their clients with their agile strategies, advanced tools, and relevant techniques. Sundeep Kaur, the Business Development Manager (BDM), ensures a seamless interaction with the clients explaining the integrated approach for complete and professional creative solution their company offers.

Visual Objects showcases the world’s most creative firm. It is a portfolio based website which is used by companies to meet their requirement. Being one of the celebrated business portfolio service provider Visual Objects is a company which ranks and evaluates numerous companies every week. This Washington DC-based website announced that Ellocent is a top software development company in the world based on the reviews it has gotten from its customers over the years.

From the Desk of Management:
At Ellocent Labs, we use Scrum, the most popular Agile Framework in our software interactive approach that has at its core at the sprint, the scrum term for iteration value – Sundeep Kaur, BDM.

We thrive our best to craft excellent outcomes and productivity. Our best-in-technological strategies cater to a good experience in IT, customer service, and global operation. We not only provide stability, but we are also edgy – which is the best combination to be effective in the world, which continually changing – Navneet Singh Baidwaan, CEO.

Their unique approach and customer-centric attempt to mitigate the customer relationship yields a more generous and mightier bridge between the business and the end-users. They emphasize customized services and a well-organized system to meet the demand of your business.

Ellocent is a responsible company that has benefitted the users by creating opportunities and solving the systematic process’s underlying problems. They live by one one-size-does-not-fit-all; therefore, every client gets a product developed, designed, managed, integrated, and deployed exclusively and dynamically for them.

The clients say that the company is committed to designing, making, and constructing reliable and ground-breaking solutions. Working with Ellocent Labs, the clients say it provides smooth and flourishing business because they understand the continually changing trends in every industry, high competition, challenging business atmosphere, and adapting to clients’ requirements remaining flexible and agile.
The top software company in the world strives to deliver the best client could get with unparalleled skills and a fountain to experience they possess. They never tread lightly and work with integrated approached to come up with solutions.

Ellocent’sEllocent’s customer service and creative problem solving have already made a mark on credible companies.

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